A Little Weird Party

"John, are you coming to the party tonight?" Emma asked as we dressed in the locker room. "Sure and who else will be there?" I asked. "Steven, David and Lucy," Emma replied. Emma was my secret love, but I haven't told her yet. We sometimes went for walks, to the cinema, to discos together, and she sometimes let me kiss her. Several times she even allowed me to stroke her breasts, and once I even touched her shaved pussy. But she wouldn't let me in with a single finger. I thought to myself that it might work out at that party.

When I rang the doorbell in the evening, David came to open the door for me. "It's enough that you go. Steven is humming to Emma there," he told me at the door. I went into the room and Steven was kissing Emma. When they finally stopped, Emma laughed at the full wheel and I knew she was pretty steamed. She was sitting on the couch in a miniskirt and a translucent tank top. Steven stared hungrily at her. "Where's Lucy?" I asked. Emma angrily told me that Lucy couldn't come. She says she has to arrange something.

Steven was pouring Emma wine again, and suddenly a tank top began to tear. "Are you crazy?" Emma shouted, but she was still laughing. And because she didn't fight back much, the tank top was down in an instant. I finally saw her little tits in all their beauty, though I didn't imagine it that way. Steven grabbed Emma's left breast and shouted at us, "What are you staring at, come touch it too." David jumped up immediately, already holding the other breast in his hand. "You see, there's a pussy left on you. So get her ready to fuck her." Emma realized it was going hard.

But the three of us were so horny that her pleas couldn't stop us. The boys held Emma tightly and I took off her skirt and then her black panties. I finally saw that beautiful, clean-shaven pussy with a small rusty tuft of hair above her line. Steven and David played with her tits and sucked on her tiny nipples. Emma kept begging us to leave her.

But I was already holding her legs tightly, because she was trying to dig around. I parted her labia slightly with my tongue. In front of me was a beautiful pink slit with a small button called clitoris. I sucked it with my lips the way I saw it many times in porn movies and then inserted my tongue into her narrow pussy. She was so wonderfully warm and I licked her from her ass to a tuft of hair and back again. I didn't notice Emma's pleas at all to stop.

As she screamed like she was in the woods, Steven shouted at her to shut up. After all, she had to reckon with the fact that one of us was fucking her today. And when Lucy didn't come, she has to fuck with us, because we all have hard dicks. Emma was already crying, but her tears didn't soften us either. Although I wanted to stop at one point, but I still wouldn't stand a chance against Steven and David. So I preferred to go through her pussy with my tongue.

"Put your dick in there already," Steven shouted, and he began to push his dick into her mouth. Emma fought back and probably bit him because Steven had slapped her like thunder. Then Emma swallowed his dick down to the balls. I started to push my cock into her pussy, but Emma tossed herself so that my dick went out several times. "Fuck her now. I want to fuck too," David shouted, playing with her tits.

I finally hit the hole and pushed hard. Despite the cock that Emma had in her mouth, her moan could be heard. I was quite surprised that she was no longer a virgin and I started fucking her with long strokes. My fucking her didn't take long, and I thought for a moment that I will going to squirt on her belly. But the boys will definitely not spare her and will sprinkle her pussy nicely from the inside. So I started spraying semen into her pussy.

When I pulled him out, David was already standing next to me, and with lightning speed he ran his hard dick into her wet pussy. Steven had just pulled his cock out of her mouth and urged David to hurry. He would like to fuck her too. Emma took advantage of her free mouth and started yelling, begging, and cursing again. I decided to block her mouth now. "Try to bite me and you'll see," I said, inserting the semi-soft cock into her mouth.

Although Emma fought back, she didn't dare bite me. Without wanting to, she licked my dick, which in her mouth grew back to its original size and hardness. I fucked her mouth just like a moment ago with her pussy. When David squirted her pussy, Steven was ready to fuck. Soon he filled Emma's peach with his semen too. At that moment, I felt my semen rush unstoppably out too. Emma choked on a flurry of semen.

I was finally relieved, and Emma thought she had peace from us. But she was wrong. David was already shouting that he wanted to Emma to smoke him too. And because Emma fiercely defended herself, he slapped her obedience with another slap. Steven and I started playing with her little tits. "We'll make you some suckers," David told her. I also tried not to be an idiot. Steven didn't want to stay behind either, and as David relieved himself in her mouth, he tucked his cock into her mouth.

Emma was already lying like a board, tolerating the intrusions into her mouth. "Smoke me! I will be in moment," Steven shouted at her. But Emma just stared at the ceiling. She swallowed Steven's semen, even as she choked. I was afraid she would throw us all up. Steven cleaned his dick from her rusty hair and said, "So, did you like it?" "You're pigs," Emma said, turning on her belly so she wouldn't have to look at us. Steven slapped her tanned ass and said: "Well, you see. We could have fucked your beautiful ass, too. But we've had enough, so next time a cat." Emma jumped up quickly and locked herself in the bathroom. She was probably afraid Steven would fulfill his threat and fuck her ass. We dressed slowly and went home.

On Monday, Emma looked as if nothing had happened. So Steven dared to ask: "So, is there going to be a party again?" Emma snorted in disgust, saying she wouldn't be having a party with pigs like that again. Then, as I was leaving school, Emma was waiting for me outside. "John, you were probably the most polite of them. If you want, we can make love together, but only the two of us." Since then, I've been going to Emma's for 2 years. Then Emma went to work in Germany. About a year later, she revealed that she had married a wealthy businessman.