Adventure In The Shower

One Wednesday, I stayed a bit in the school gym. After the exercise, I was all sweaty and I was about to take a shower. As I passed the girls' showers, I noticed that it was open there and lit inside. I crept slowly to the door of the girls' shower and saw two girls there. They probably stayed here after volleyball training. I couldn't resist watching them for a while.

I knew one of them. She was a girl from the chemistry section and her name was Mandy. The other was probably her classmate. For a moment I watched their beautiful young and supple bodies wash themselves under a stream of warm water from the shower. After a moment of observation, I couldn't stand it anymore, picked up my standing dick and started chasing. After a while, I was very surprised and shocked.

The girl I didn't know bent down and buried her face in Mandy's cunt. So that was a surprise. I masturbated with even greater intensity. It was very exciting to be so close to two excited girls. Mandy leaned against the wall of the shower and let the girl lick. I watched the horny girls for about five minutes. And then it came to me. At the same moment, it must have come to Mandy, because she arched like a cat and a loud scream came from her mouth. That was too much for me.

I hurried into the shower among the longing-for girls, and thrust my dick into her wet pussy from behind the unknown girl. The girl was startled and began to protest. I shouted at her: "Shut up, you bitch and fuck!" After a moment of rebellion, the girl calmed down and began licking Mandy again, leaning her back against the wall. It was obvious that they often did it together, because the girl knew where Mandy liked it best.

In the meantime, I grabbed the girl by the hips and began to pull her close and pull her away again. In addition, I connected the pan in a similar way and increased the speed. After a while, I was all wet. And not only with water from the shower, but also with mys sweat. It took me a while to reach another orgasm and squirt her entire pussy. I had to rest for a while. I let the girls share it without me. In the meantime, I took off my soaked clothes and stepped into the shower for a while.

After a moment of refreshment, I was able to act again. I lay down on the ground, pulled Mandy up, and sat her on top of me. She immediately understood and inserted my dick into her cunt. The other girl got on my face and let me lick her pussy. I opened her labia with my fingers and ran my tongue all the way through her wet slit. Then I gently grabbed her cunt between my index finger and thumb and began to vibrate quickly through my nimble tongue. The girl got boiled and began to scream and hackle with excitement. After a while, she calmed down and clung to Mandy's tits.

Mandy, who was still enjoying my cock undisturbed, now began a somewhat frantic ride. This drove me to increase my efforts on the girl's clit. I took it gently between my lips now and sucked lightly. Then I released him again and slowly ran my tongue over him. I repeated this several times, and the oscillation of my tongue on her clit kept accelerating.

The girl couldn't stand such a pace for long, she leaned over me and a stream of juices from her cunt hit my face. That was enough for her for a moment and she rolled aside. Now I could fully dedicate myself to Mandy. I grabbed her hips, and to help her pace, I quickly began to lift and release her. We soon united our pace and fucked together like a well-matched couple. But I only lasted a while and cum into her. But she didn't have enough yet. Mandy rolled over to her friend's face and let her friend lick her horny and wet cunt.

When I rested again for a while and gathered enough strength to continue fucking, I slowly approached Mandy's friend from behind. I knelt down on her and stabbed my dick in her cunt. I fucked her hard and it went as deep as I could. Soon my breathing quickened and I began to sweat. My dick was already hurting and it was a miracle that he was still standing. We fucked in this position for about ten minutes. It took so long for her friend to lick Mandy into orgasm. Then the three of us lay down on the floor in the showers and it looked like it was over.

However, Mandy moved closer to her friend and began to whisper and giggle. After a while, Mandy moved closer to me. She ran her hand through her wet pussy and began to lubricate my dick with the juices she took in this way. I didn't understand for a while. It wasn't until she pulled her sexy ass on me and told me to lubricate her too that I understood. I ran my hand into her cunt and lubricated her asshole with the juice left on my fingers. I ran one finger through the anus. Then I got on my knees, grabbed the cock in my hand and tried to shove it into Mandy's ass.

It was slow and difficult. But once my acorn was inside, it was fine. At first I only partially inserted my cock in there, but as her ass opened, I inserted my whole dick in there! That was great. It was so amazingly tight in her ass. My cock was in a tight grip and I felt my third orgasm approaching. I looked around the shower and saw the other girl doing it herself. It was obvious that the sight of us excited her. After a few minutes, I filled Mandy's gut with a good dose of sperm.

After that, the three of us, to the fullest satisfaction, sat side by side and finally began to indulge in a quiet shower. After about half an hour of showering together, we felt quite refreshed and clean, so we went to dress in the locker room. My luck was that when I went around the girls' showers and saw the two girls, I wasn't dressed from sportswear yet. Because otherwise I would have to go home in wet clothes now and have nothing to change into.

I changed into the same locker room with the girls. Mandy, after she got dressed, approached me and said: "Was it great with you, wouldn't you like to meet again sometime? We share it here every Wednesday. Or if you'd like, we could meet at one of the our." Of course, I accepted this offer, saying that we would meet at my home on Friday. We've met twice a week since then. Once in the shower and the second time at one of us.