Adventure With A Teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Lucy. The day I had my first sex was the day after my 15th birthday. It was school and I had a birthday. I managed all subjects today to number one, especially the last eight hours of history. We have teacher Smith in history. Mr. Smith is the sexiest teacher at school. After that hour we went to lunch. I don't know what happened to me. But in the lunch line, I suddenly started to overtake and push the children. None of the teachers noticed, so I walked smoothly to the beginning of the line.

I finished my lunch, took away the dishes, and when I left the dining room, someone took my hand tightly. I shouted: "Hey" and swiftly turned to the tall figure behind me holding me. It was Mr. Smith. He looked me in the eye and said in a serious voice: "You pushed those students to the ground and you'll be after school!" I made dog eyes on him, but it was nothing valid. So I had to go to class with him.

After two hours, I looked at my watch, which I had on hand. Out of boredom, I pulled out my cell phone and looked at some porn photos on the net. That time can't be killed, it's half past six and I'm still hard at school! I checked in and asked if I could go home now. The teacher nodded, but before I left he asked me something: "Hey Lucy, can I take you home?" I nodded happily. So he drove me, and before I got out of the car he said: "Hey Lucy, I know it's inappropriate, but wouldn't you like to sleep with me today?"

In an attractive voice, I replied: "All right, teacher, but first I have to go home for things, wait a minute for me." "Touch me, my name is Kevin." I smiled and closed the door. After a while, I returned, tossed the bag on the back seat of the car, and fastened my seat belt. After a few minutes we arrived at his house. I got out of the car and he took my bag in the meantime. I ran to him and wanted to také my bag, but he didn't want to give it away. He says it's okay and he'll take it. I didn't want to back down, so I fell to the ground from the tug-of-war and lost consciousness for a while.

When I woke up, I felt Kevin sitting next to me. He said: "One kiss on the forehead, the second on my temple, and the third on my cheek." He said it and put a kiss on my forehead, then on my temple, and before he kissed me on the cheek, I turned around and gave me a kiss on the lips. I enjoyed his taste. While kissing, he sat me on the bed and hugged me. He took off my shirt and threw it on the floor. This was followed by a bra, skirt and panties.

I sat on it completely naked. After a while, I realized that not only was I completely naked. He was also completely naked. He stopped kissing me for a moment and quickly pulled a condom on his hard cock. He struggled to slide him into my pussy. It didn't work very well. I was still a virgin. After a while, however, he succeeded. It was a wonderful feeling. I immediately started breathing faster and moaning more and more. With a smile on his face, he looked at me and said: "Look, baby, I seem to be your first."

With a loud moan, I said: "Yes, you are my first." It was half past one in the morning and we were still fucking. I managed to do it about twelve times in four hours, but he didn't do it once. He put his dick for the last time in my pussy, and I lay in bed with my wet body. We talked for a while and then I fell asleep. I woke up at eleven in the morning the same day. In a high-pitched voice, I shouted: "Damn, I have to go to school!"

At that moment, I noticed Kevin preparing breakfast and saying: "Love, we're not going to school today. Instead, we will enjoy it again. Do you want to?" I got out of bed, walked over to him, kissed him, and replied happily: "If you forgive me for the tug of war with my bag, do what you want with me." "I forgave you a long time ago." We've been fucking every day ever since. I later moved in with him and now we have two children together.