Adventure With Mother-In-Low

It's been many years since I've lived this story, but I still keep it alive in my memory and I want to share it with you. I was just 18 at the time and started dating my first girlfriend, Emily. I had no sexual experience yet and I was quite shy. It took me a long time to venture to the first wrench. Then nothing for a long time. Once boosted with alcohol, I dared to put Emily's hand in my panties.

I was afraid of her reaction, but she just sighed and said softly: "Finally!" I kissed her passionately and had to do something so that I wouldn't splash in my shorts. When I got home that evening, I could still feel her on my fingers and kicked it out several times. I was an expert on chasing my dick, I did it five times a day.

Emily had a mother, Kate. She was a mother like 50. I don't mean a lady because she wasn't exactly the type to go to the hairdresser every week. But she certainly wasn't ugly. Emily's father often went on business trips, sometimes only for a few days and sometimes for a whole month. And so Kate was happy when we kept her company sometimes. They had an older, and not very practical house. We had to go to Emily's room through their parents' bedroom. And whenever we needed to go to the kitchen or just to the bathroom, we had to knock and walk around.

Emily's father didn't like me very much. Fortunately, he was often not at home, so I was calm from him. Mrs. Kate quite liked me. We often played board games with her in the evenings or just watched TV. Sometimes I slept in their house. Emily and I had a beautiful relationship and we thought we would be together forever. But then came the day when everything changed. It was summer vacation and Emily had found a job at a bakery. I didn't have a part-time job. So when Emily got up to work early in the morning, she let me sleep and left quietly.

It was a working day. I woke up around 8 and thought I was alone in the house. And as is often the case in the morning, I had a beautiful morning erection. My dick stood like a pillar. I began to chase him lightly under the duvet. After a while, I was terribly hot, so I threw the duvet aside. I chased the dick more and more intensely. I was about to spray, but suddenly the door opened and Mrs. Kate stood in it, dressed only in panties.

I was shocked, and obviously Mrs. Kate was too. We looked at each other. It only took a few seconds, but it was as if time had stopped at that moment. My dick throbbed, and I stared at her puffy bun in her panties, which made her black hairs grow. Then she said to me: "I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here." Then she turned and left. As I recovered from the shock, my heart began to beat. What now? I thought. How can I get home? I have to go through the bedroom and the kitchen. How can I look her in the eye now?

When I gathered my courage, I got dressed and knocked on the bedroom door. There was no sound, so I opened the door. The bedroom was empty. Great. Now walk through the kitchen. I hoped she had left and I would avoid eye confrontation. Unfortunately. Mrs. Kate was sitting at the table, now dressed, and our eyes met again. She asked me if I wanted something for breakfast. I replied that I was in a hurry home and left quickly.

On the way home, I thought about what actually happened and what it would be like to finish. Instead of solving, my thoughts pointed me to her lap. Hairy? What does it look like without panties? Before, I couldn't imagine a pussy other than a clean-shaven one, but now all of a sudden everything has changed. I felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A decent boy outside, but the thought of Mrs. Kate awakened in me a desire I didn't know before.

In the afternoon, Emily returned from work and we went for a walk together. I looked like nothing and quietly asked if her mother had told her anything about my morning event. But obviously not. But then I remembered her father. Kate will probably tell. I became very nervous. I asked when he would return from a business trip, and Emily told me that in a week at the earliest. I was a little relieved, but it was still clear to me that it would be a real mess.

We mostly spent the weekend together. But this time Emily told me she had to go to the bakery for the night shift. But if I want, I can sleep at her house and wait until she returns in the morning. I asked if her mother would mind. She told me her mom wouldn't be home. She's going to a class reunion and who knows when she'll be back. So I finally agreed. When we got to Emily's house, I was looking forward to having fun together. But Emily wasn't very well, and after a while she still had to go to work.

We said goodbye together and I went to watch TV. When the movie ended, I went to take a shower. Then I dried myself and started brushing my teeth. As I looked around, I saw panties thrown over a dirty laundry basket. It was immediately clear to me who it belonged to. Suddenly I felt dick lift up with the towel I had around my waist. I said panties so what. I don't even know how and suddenly I held them in my hand.

I studied them for a moment, then thought of sniffing at them. No, I wouldn't do that, I thought, it's over the edge, but it was stronger than me. I smelled lightly at them and my dick hardened so much that I thought it would break. In it, I heard someone unlock the door. I started to panic. I tossed panties back to the laundry basket and pretended to brush my teeth.

Mrs. Kate went into the bathroom and asked: "What are you doing here?" I said, brushing my teeth. "Where's Emily?" she asked. "Emily's at work," I said. "Well, actually, I forgot," Kate said, about to leave. But suddenly she noticed her panties lying on the ground. Our views met and there was no need to explain anything. I began to blush and my heart pounded like a bell.

Mrs. Kate lifted her panties off the ground and slapped me. I almost lost my head. Then she started apologizing and explaining that it wasn't easy. The husband is still gone, and that she also has her needs and tastes. But she must suppress them. And as she said and we stood facing each other, my towel suddenly fell to the ground. I don't know why, but I didn't do anything. I just stood there and my dick slowly began to rise.

Kate stared at me and didn't say a word. When my dick was as hard as a rock, she turned her back on me. I thought she wanted to leave. But she leaned against the washing machine and said: "Do it!" I understood right away. I approached her, began stroking her hair, and slowly lifted her skirt. She said again in a strong voice: "Do it. Put him in me and fuck me!" I didn't expect anything else.

I lifted her skirt and pulled her white panties down to her ankles. The dick drove into her so smoothly. Her pussy was so warm and wet. After a few blows, I began to wonder if I could squirt into her. But I didn't have the courage to ask Kate, so I thought I'd put everything into it and spray it into her. I fucked her as a mad. Her cunt was incredibly wet. It literally flowed out of her. Kate didn't even beep just nicely. Then she bit into her hand and began to tremble. I sprayed into her pussy so that the semen flowed down her thighs to her ankles.

When it was all over, she turned to me and said in a loud voice: "This never happened!" Then she wiped her hairy pussy and thighs glued from my cum. Finally, she asked me if I could have a coffee. I don't drink coffee at all, but this time I said I'd have a cup of coffee. I was calmer now, but I was very confused in my head. Somehow I knew it would have some sequels, but I didn't know which ones.