At Camp

My first time was at camp. We were still very young and exploring. That's when I caught a boy sleeping on a bunk bed below me doing it. I still remember that young hard dick. He was lying on the bed, his legs well apart, chasing his dick. He didn't even have a hair anywhere, and I don't know why, I was very excited. When I saw that soft, bare body, hard dick and smooth anal hole. My dick immediately stood.

It was something so exciting for me at the time that I didn't care if it was a girl or a boy. We just wanted to try some real piglets, which we had only looked at in magazines until then. The lust was huge, to try live what it's like. Something sexual with someone. We looked at each other for a while and then the question came when I thought I was exploding with excitement. He asked if I also wanted to take off my shorts, lie down next to him and do it too.

And watching each other chase our dicks. I agreed without hesitation. We chased each other and I wondered what it must be like to touch them. We turned to each other and touched the dicks on each other. We rubbed our acorns against each other and had a terrible desire to keep going. And more than once I felt him squeeze his hand and start riding her up and down. God, it was pleasure. The first drops of happiness flowed from my dick, and I sighed with pleasure and excitement.

Still how nice they smelled those young fragrant dicks. So I was tempted to sniff him. I couldn't stand it. I bowed my head and ran my nose from the acorn to his anal. It smelled beautiful. So I stuck out my tongue and licked it from the hole to the tip. He sighed with delight and begged me not to stop. So I grabbed him and put him in my mouth. His cock tasted wonderful. So I kept going. I smoked it, the hall, ran my tongue over his acorn and enjoyed it. And I stuck my finger in his anal. That's how he liked it.

But at best he said enough. I wondered why. Then he told me he wanted to taste me too. We'll both do it at once. He rolled me onto the bed, turned over me, and stuck his beautiful hole in me with the dick. Then he started licking and smoking it for me. So I couldn't resist stuffing it in my mouth too. We smoked like crazy. We licked and fingered our anals. It was a fantasy. And then it finally happened. Our first hot seed explosion.

We did it practically at the same time. We were completely beside how much we spray into each other's mouth. It flowed everywhere. And we liked it. We licked it all up and swallowed it. It was a mess. The next day I came out of the bathroom, opened the cabin door, and saw him kneeling on the bed in a T-shirt and no pants with his ass protruding and a hard dick sticking straight at me.

He turned to me and said: "Take me. Absolutely." I didn't wait for anything and knelt beside him. His ass was pretty stuck out, so I started licking his hole first. I stuck my fingers in his anal and spread it nicely. I ran it like this with my mouth for a while and then stood up. I took off my shorts and finally drove into his wet hole. It was great. I pushed nicely, while still chasing him from behind. He kept shouting that it was great.

He had the hole pretty wide. But I could only fuck him for a few minutes. His anal was so tight. It was unbearable, so I squirted madly into him. It flowed nicely from him. I was still so horny that I licked his dick and anal. He pushed the semen into my mouth nicely. Then I lay on my back, put my feet behind my head and adjusted my hole to make it look nice to me too. He fucked me hard, but when it came to him, he took it out and sprayed it all into my mouth. It was something amazing and a great experience for both of us.