• BBC is acronym for Big Black Cock. This abbreviation is usually used in personal erotic ads or porn movies. 

Synonyms and similar expressions:

  • big black dick, huge black cock, monster black cock, black mamba, anaconda, big black hose

Interesting info:

  • Culturally, the BBC is very problematic. For one, it is a masculine fetishization of a large penis as a sign of sexual and social power. For another, it is rooted in a long-running racist fear of the black man as a hypersexual, animalistic, and cartoonishly well-endowed sexual predator, hungry to rape white women.

  • Based on several studies, it was found that men from the Congo with an average length of 17.9 cm have the largest dimensions of penis between nations.

  • In contrast, Koreans with an average limb length of 9.7 cm are among the nations with the smallest genitals.

  • As for world records: The largest penis in men reaches a length of about 35 cm. In contrast, the smallest penis in men measures only 1.5 cm in the erect state.