Birthday Enjoyment In The Forest

It was a nice summer day in the mountains and we were with a group of boys at a cottage deep in the woods. The terrace had a nice view of the surroundings. And because I like to sunbathe naked (and I wasn't alone), after a glass we thought we would go for mushrooms. The idea of frying on a fire in a cauldron took hold, so we decided to go for mushrooms.

I was wearing only shoes and a wicker basket for mushrooms in my hand. Otherwise I was completely naked. After a while I came to the edge of the forest, where the birches themselves grew. I already found some mushrooms, but I wanted even more. Crouched with the bare ass, combing the edge of the woods, a woman's voice came from a nearby hut: "So, they're growing?" I was a little startled.

Then I turned around, picked up the basket, and said: "Is something growing, do you want to see it?" There was another surprise waiting for me. I was standing at a table with a bottle of red wine, and a dark-haired, sympathetic woman of about 35 in panties came out onto the terrace. "Oh, oh. Do we have a nice present here? Did you order that for me for birthdays?" the woman asked her girlfriend.

I joked a little and told them they could play with the gift as they pleased. So we all sat down at the table together and drank wine. The girls' eyes rolled down under the table and peered at my cock. And suddenly my dick stood guard. "Aren't we just going to let him stand? That would be a great pity," said one of women. "Are we going inside or will we stay outside? Our next girlfriends will be here in a moment. We have such a tradition that we celebrate birthdays together and this unplanned program will be definitely welcome."

I completely forgot about my friends who are wandering somewhere in the woods picking mushrooms. Does not matter. With the idea of a great afternoon, I said we'd better stay outside. That will be absolutely great. Both women agreed. They just went to wash gradually and bounce to the toilet. Then I felt like in paradise.

It started at the table, where I licked the beautiful black-haired woman's pussy and the other under the table comfortably satisfied my shaved dick. "Choose a hole and come to me," she said. First, I thrust my cock into her longed-for and wet pussy. The other woman was not lazy and straddled to the table above the birthday girl's mouth. We fucked like rabbits. She had both holes fantastic. Then it came to me and I sprayed her belly beautifully.

Her friend said she would not miss such a great dessert and licked the semen from the brunette's belly. But I'm not such a boar that I can continue right away. So I satisfied both women with my tongue and nimble fingers. At the same time, they helped themselves. I realized that these ladies' rides repeat more often. I was a little sorry I hadn't met them before.

The moment of the arrival of their other friends was approaching, so we thought together that we would surprise them. The girls had snacks ready and I turned into a tablecloth. In the middle of arranging my cock, two more girls came to the cottage. It already affected me so much that the cock came to life again and hardened...

I did not return to our cottage with a basket full of mushrooms until the early evening. I was full of whipped cream, mustard and other desserts. But I must add that I was totally satisfied. Plus, this wasn't the last story I had with them. One of the women wrote her phone over my penis with a marker. She was the owner of a pub in a big city. She got a great idea, which took place after a few weeks right in her pub. But I'll tell you about it sometime next time...