By The Lake

It finally started to warm up. This winter was really long, so I was glad that the sun has been warming up for a few days now. My wife Sabrina and I are both hardy. I am 32 and she is 28. We have only been married for a year and we are already preparing to start a family. As soon as Sabrina came home from work, I decided to go for the first swim to the lake outside the city. Almost no one will be there now, because the water will still be quite cold. Ideal for us.

Sabrina gladly accepted my proposal because she got a luxury swimsuit from me for Christmas. But what she didn't know about them was that they were very transparent after soaking. To be precise, I like it when strangers look at my wife. How they drool over what I have at home. So the swimsuit was more of a gift for me and for my pleasure than for Sabrina. Sabrina is quite shy. It's hard to convince her to show up somewhere.

Sabrina prepared everything we needed for the lake and we could go. I pulled out my motorbike and we were at the lake in a few minutes. To our surprise, there were already a few hardened people. Exactly five guys who will be able to enjoy my beautiful wife. She was already dressed in a bathing suit from home, which was a bit of a shame. If she undressed naked in front of them, I would be in seventh heaven.

But it didn't take long for Sabrina to get wet in the water. I stayed ashore to leave in a moment. The main reason was to see my wife when she came out of the water. It wasn't long before I saw Sabrina slowly coming ashore. The swimsuit did not disappoint. After soaking, swimsuit was almost as transparent as glass. Or rather like transparent plastic. I watched her sticking nipples. Then her crotch appeared. You could see her shaved pussy with a little dark hair on Venus's hill.

Of course, it did not escape the eyes of the surroundings. Some men were pleasantly surprised by what they saw. It wasn't until a moment later that Sabrina noticed the eyes of the others and noticed for the first time her almost nudity. Suddenly, as if chasing her, she ran to the towel blanket. "What the hell did you buy for the swimsuit?!" she shouted at me. I immediately reassured her how much it suited her and that I had no idea how transparent they would be. One guy noticed our little quarrel and came to our blanket and said: "Don't be mad at him. You're a beautiful woman, and I don't think anyone here is offended by such beauty."

I didn't expect anyone to come to us. Anyway, it surprised me and my wife. She blushed at first, but eventually thanked the guy for his flattery. As we later learned, his name is Tim and he is 34 years old. And because he talked well, he moved the blanket to us. Sabrina wrapped her body in a towel from the beginning, but gradually dared to walk slowly aside.

Tim could take a closer look at her tight tits and occasionally look at her pussy. However, it was also clear that his swimsuit was making an erection bulge. We bathed a few times and ran like water for two hours. There are only three of us left by the lake. Tim began to take advantage of this, and occasionally stroked Sabrina's shoulders or legs. He always kept an eye on what I was up to. And I was quite surprised.

The stranger looks at my beautiful wife, but now he's still touching her. I was quite excited by this situation, and even my swimsuit bulged with my erection. Tim noticed this and took it as my approval of what he was going to do. His head approached Sabrina carefully, and he began to slowly kiss her neck. Sabrina was afraid of what was happening, but he immediately began to reassure her. "Look how your husband likes what we're doing. Don't worry, he doesn't mind. Do you mind?" he asked me. I was so shocked by the situation that I didn't even answer. Tim took it as approval and ran his hands over her breasts. He kept kissing her neck and teasing her already protruding nipples. Sabrina began to sigh happily, and Tim kept reassuring her that I must like it.

There was a great inner struggle inside me. I didn't know if I should let him continue to touch my wife or break his mouth. But he kept talking about her as a goddess, so I was very flattered. I thought it was just innocent irritation. However, Tim gradually began to move one hand across her tummy to the bottom of her swimsuit. Suddenly his hand disappeared. Respectively, the swimsuit was still wet and transparent, so I had the opportunity to watch what was happening there.

He circled her clit first, then tried to insert his finger into her pussy. Sabrina must have been wet enough between her legs because his toe had run into her without a problem. "You're beautifully wet and narrow," he said. Then he turned to me and asked: "What if I fucking with her for a moment?" I was about to break his mouth, and at that moment Sabrina asked me in an excited voice: "Honey, do you want to see it?" That completely knocked me out.

Sabrina asked me, but according to her expression and behavior, she wanted him. My wife wanted to be used by a stranger in front of my eyes. "Watch your wife flow. She wants my dick there already. Give it to her for once. I'll be honored to be with such a beautiful woman." I didn't have much time to think, and I kept watching Sabrina squirm under his finger in her bowels, and finally nodded in agreement.

Tim smiled and immediately dropped his swimsuit. He stood in front of her head and urged her to taste it. Sabrina looked around timidly for the last time so that no one would accidentally watch her, and she already had his cock in her mouth. "Take off your wife's swimsuit. So we can look at her naked," Tim told me. I didn't hesitate for a moment and began to take off her swimsuit. She clapped and snorted as she tried to satisfy the strange dick.

"You have a beautiful wife, I can't take it anymore, I have to have her!" Tim announced and already laying her on the blanket. He knelt between her thighs and I watched as his acorn began to fade in my wife. As I watched in slow motion, he penetrated her. It was a few seconds and he was already in the ball. "So she's great, dude!" praised Tim happily and fucked her in a regular rhythm. Sabrina enjoyed his hard tail and heckled beautifully to the rhythm.

"You're so tight you'll suck me out like nothing in a minute," Tim shouted. Sabrina suddenly realized that Tim didn't have a condom and she hadn't protected herself in pills for about two months. She explained him that he had to take a condom or squirt out of her pussy. Tim, though sad, accepted the information. "So if I can't spray a beauty on you anymore, what about trying another position? Suitable for us all three," Tim suggested.

We had no idea what he wanted to do. But he immediately divided the roles. I took off my swimsuit and lay down on the blanket. I thought he wanted to try a classic sandwich. But he put Sabrina's head against my dick and I had her flowing pussy right next to my head. "That's it. Lick her now and you blow him!" he ordered, and I still didn't understand how to enjoy the three of us. But I soon understood that when Tim knelt behind my wife, to my head.

I had his dick inches from my head, and it was approaching her pussy. And he was in her again. Sabrina smoked me wildly, and despite the presence of Tim's dick, I continued to lick her cunt. And Tim grabbed her hips and began pounding furiously. His balls hit my head and I often felt not only pussy but also his dick on my tongue. It oscillated at piston speed. "Lick her, lick her, let her do it!" Tim shouted at me. "Do it for us! Relax and do like never before!" he shouted for a change on Sabrina.

I don't know if it was the order, but in a moment Sabrina was done. "That's it. Squeeze my dick! And here's your sweet reward!" he screamed during her orgasm and I saw his dick start to throb. But instead of getting out and squirting on her ass, he drove into her pussy. He shouted: "I spray." And I shook my head that it wasn't allowed. But Tim shouted: "Hold on! Be a good girl and take the present!" Sabrina tried to make fun of it, but he held her. Finally letting her go and she could kick him out. But it only caused his semen to flow directly into my mouth.

Sabrina lay helplessly on me, and I had a mouth and a face from a stranger sperm. Before we got together, Tim disappeared. "He sprayed it into me," Sabrina couldn't believe it, reaching for her squirting pussy. "Why didn't you stop him?" she asked me. "Me? I was lying under you and there was nothing I could do just watch it," I defended myself. "Well, mainly because you liked it!" I stared at her incomprehensibly. "Well, you're done with him! Normally you sprayed in my mouth and he in my cunt!" It wasn't until that moment that I noticed her mouth from the semen. And that explained my inability to intervene properly, because I had the strongest orgasm in my life, which completely cut me off. Sabrina quickly washed herself in the lake and we drove home.

We discussed everything at home for several hours. We agreed that we would only take it as a flight and not let our relationship be ruined. After all, we both had our share of the blame. Within a month, Sabrina came up with a positive pregnancy test. We think it's unlikely to be a gift from Tim. For two months before the lake event, I regularly sprayed my semen into Sabrina's pussy, and the next month after. Even if you never know.