One of the major drawbacks of online dating is the existence of a large number of false profiles. False is perhaps a strong word, but certainly fictional. These profiles can be created in bulk through programmed bots, whose activities create a kind of farm of profiles of non-existent people.

Or, a fictional profile can be created manually by an actual user, but impersonating someone else. He puts a nicer photo on his profile, deletes his bio, and edits other labels so that he has the best chance of a potential acquaintance. It is not uncommon for men to pretend to be women or vice versa. There is also quite frequent manipulation with age, when many of them reduce or add age for various reasons.

With the development and improvement of artificial intelligence (AI) it is no problem for some less fair dating site to buy hundreds to thousands of photos of non-existent people. Such a dating site looks nice at first, because it has a large number of users (profiles). But these profiles are not real users to be familiar with.

The task of these profiles (mainly female) is to attract those interested in getting acquainted for registration. Registration is free, but you'll still need to pay for more advanced features. But it doesn't make much sense when there is a minimum of real people on the dating site. But don't worry, there are fair dating sites where 90% of the profiles are real and the chance of getting acquainted is high.

Remember that whether you pay premium services or not, you will receive a variety of spam to the email address you used to register. So if you are interested in online dating or flirting, feel free to register, but to register for a dating site, use an email address that you don't use very much, or that you are based only on such special occasions.