Fantasy In The Bathtub

It's Saturday night and I'm home alone. It's cold and uncomfortable outside that I don't even feel like going somewhere. Instead, I pour hot water into the bathtub, slowly take off my clothes and climb into the fragrant water.

Hmmm, it's beautiful to feel the hot water around your body. I lie completely relaxed, playing with the foam and applying it to my whole body. I close my eyes and let myself be carried away by thoughts. How beautiful it would be if there was someone else in the bathtub with me to caress me properly. As I think about it, my eyes still closed, I feel my desire begin to penetrate. I caress gently all over my body. My nipples harden right away and I indulge in fantasy.

I imagine lying with a beautiful young girl like me on my big bed and caressing her to excite her as much as possible and lead her to orgasm. We kiss wildly and passionately, as if our tongues are fused. My hands at the caressing her breasts, her belly and descend upon her Venus hill.

She starts to sigh, lightly rippling with excitement under my fingers. I know she wants me to finally massage her swollen labia and a hardened cunt. But I want to caress her gently and slowly lead her to orgasm. I take my time, first I lick her nipples and my fingers caress her belly.

Her excitement rises, she sighs loudly, spreads her legs wide, and thinks she can't take it anymore. My hand slides a little lower, strokes her Venus hill, and descends to her clitoris. She massages it for a moment and slides slowly down her wet hole. I penetrate lightly with one finger, move it briefly and rhythmically for a while, and slide it out again.

My fingers now caress her thighs, especially the inside, then go up again to the cunt, stay there and massage it a little harder. Her juices flow constantly, she writhes with excitement and begs me not to stop for nothing now. My mouth is looking for hers. We kiss excitedly, eagerly and violently as my hand plays with her wet pussy.

Then I pull my tongue out of her lips, run it over her neck and back to her mouth, which I lick. A loud sigh comes out of her lips and reveals to me how excited she is already. My tongue goes down her neck again to her breasts, which swell with excitement, licks her nipples one by one and goes down to her belly, where a few times licks her navel.

It's a wonderful, exciting feeling to feel immediately her passion and excitement. She twists harder and harder and her moans turn into short screams. Finally, my tongue reaches its goal, her crotch. I lick her cunt and suck it lightly. I go down her hot and wet pussy. The tongue penetrates inside, first to the slice and then deeper and deeper. Again, in an excited voice, she begs me not to stop, because she feels her approaching orgasm.

Hmmm, she smells wonderful, exciting and her juices taste great. My tongue deals with her clitoris again, while one of my fingers penetrates the hole again. I move with finger rhythmically in the hole and at the same time I lick her cunt in the same rhythm. I feel the girl tense, the juices flow from her more and more strongly.

I lick and suck her clit. I move my finger faster and faster in her hole. "Oooooohhhh, yeeessss," she shouts. "Come on, keep going. Yeesss, I will !!!" Her whole body tenses and vibrates. I leave my finger in her pussy for a moment, until she finally calms down and then I gently stroke her belly and breasts. Our lips meet in a long, thankful kiss. Completely exhausted, but satisfied, lying next to me.

Of course, these ideas of mine excited me so much that my hand went down in the water to my pussy, to my clitoris and massaged it so that I also experience a strong, hot and intensive orgasm.