Femin Plus


  • Femin Plus is a dietary supplement intended for all women who suffer from problems with insufficient desire for sex. Femin Plus is a popular and very effective product that stimulates female libido, eliminates problems with vaginal dryness (ie moisturizes the vagina), increases the sensitivity of the genitals and thus sexual arousal, promotes easier orgasm and improves mood during periods menstruation. At the same time, this product supplies the body with energy, eliminates fatigue and suppresses the negative effects of stress. 

Interesting info:

  • This product is composed of high quality ingredients that positively affect the hormonal system of women. It is a highly effective mixture of plant extracts (eg damiana, maca, fenugreek, ginseng, ginkgo, cocoa, licorice or pepper), amino acids (eg arginine), vitamins (eg B6, E) and minerals (eg zinc), which are beneficial for the overall increase in female libido. Extracts from the leaves of the mexican shrub damiana (Turnera diffusa), from the root of the Peruvian watercress (Lepidium meyenii) or maca and from the seeds of the fenugreek (Trigonella foenum - graecum) have the largest share in increasing libido in women. These three plant species have long been considered a female aphrodisiac