Holidays At Auntie

As high school students, we had a vacation, and one summer Sabina and I agreed to go to Berlin. We had arranged accommodation with Sabina's aunt in an older villa, I think somewhere on the outskirts of the city.

Sabina had already warned me in advance that her aunt had arranged with her mother that we should definitely not sleep together in the same room. We quite understood that and we didn't mind it too much, we were creative and we knew it wouldn't be too complicated. Upon our arrival, aunt accommodated Sabina in a guest room and prepared me to sleep in a garden pavilion with walls and windows. Apparently she wanted to prove that she had done everything she could to keep us as far apart as possible and to prevent nothing.

We threw our bags on our beds and drove to town. We walked the streets all day and loved the sights of the city. Sabina fit into a shop at any moment and brought a cloth to wear, or a trinket to show off, but always something "amazing." Completely overwhelmed, we arrived at her aunt's sometime around eight. Her auntie watched carefully so that we could go where we had after dinner, and perhaps checked it by eye during the night.

I fell asleep fairly quickly. At night I heard a slight creak, and in my half-sleep I sensed that someone had entered. It was Sabina. She stood there completely naked, only in her new yellow boots. I immediately made room for her and we spent most of the night cuddling, kissing and making love to each other. Sabina loved to snuggle and let herself warm my body. I again loved her slim girl figure, smaller tits and beautifully round ass.

We stroked each other's bodies, but we were mainly happy that we were together and we delayed the sex as much as we could. We had the experience that then it is much better. When it was unbearable and the tension level would soon burst, I slipped my hard cock into her hot pussy and after a while I scratched Sabina's beautiful ass with my geyser of semen. There was a wonderful relaxation that only an orgasm can do. We didn't mind the speed, we knew we had enough time. We enjoyed it to the fullest.

In the morning, Sabina got up and disappeared back into her room to keep her aunt calm. Everything went by and no one noticed anything. It wasn't until much later that Sabina told me that she hadn't gone naked all the way from the villa to the garden. She was wearing a bathrobe, which she dropped right next to the gazebo and hid in a box that lay outside.

I don't know if I would like to return to my youth, but some experiences are simply unforgettable.