Home Massage

I have been working for a long time from morning to evening and my body shows it to me a lot. Pain in the back, legs, but also the neck is the order of the day. Once, when I had a free evening after a long time, my longtime friend came for a glass of wine. We got a little drunk and she recommended one of her acquaintances for a massage. She says he'll come straight to my house and I don't have to worry about anything. I agreed and took the number from her.

The next morning I got up later than usual. It was a weekend. And I immediately remembered the masseur's phone number. I called there and made an appointment for a massage. He'll be here tomorrow morning. Great. I spent the whole day cleaning and preparing myself for a massage. Long shower, shave all the places, pedicure, manicure, but I did not want to offend the masseur.

On D-Day, about an hour before his arrival, I became very nervous. I poured myself a glass of wine. I drank it right away and poured myself another. That's better, I thought. The bell rang and I went to open the door. Behind the door stood a man of about twenty-five years with dark, longer hair and a light stubble. He was wearing a white T-shirt and his arms were tattooed up to his neck. Black jeans accentuated his long, slender legs.

I looked at him like a holy image and then let him in. He was preparing everything he needed for the massage, and in the meantime we exchanged a few sentences. His name was Alan and he was really twenty-five years old. He was almost my peer, for which I was quite happy. "I'll ask you to undress and lie down on a lounger here. Then I'll cover you with a towel and we can get started," he smiled at me and turned to his bag.

I undressed naked and lay down on a lounger. I was very ashamed. Then I felt a towel on my body and Alan's hands. He played relaxing music and began massaging my legs. He moved upwards from my feet. He also massaged my thighs and ass. The mere fact that I was touched by such an attractive man excited me. When he finished my back massage, he started massaging my thighs again. He spread them gently on my back and made pulls from the knees up almost to my vagina. He wiped my outer labia a few times and then moved his hands to my thighs and spread them even more.

This no longer seemed to me like a normal massage, but the curiosity and excitement of what would happen next did not let me end this massage. His hands began to touch me in the most sensitive place, and I sighed faintly. "Lie on your back, honey," he said, removing the towel from me. I turned obediently and watched nervously for what would happen next. He spread my legs again and began to fingering me. First with one finger and then adding until I had three fingers in my wet pussy.

He climbed out and knelt on a massage table. Then he lowered his head to my lap. I felt his tongue on my clit and at that moment I was done. "My God," that was all I could do. I got up from the couch and started unbuttoning his pants. I pulled out his cock and immediately started smoking it. He grabbed my hair roughly and pushed it deeper into my throat until I tears streamed in. He made a kiss in the mouth and patted me on the cheek.

"Good girl," he smiled. He walked over to the bag and pulled the handcuffs out of it. I don't even know how, but he strapped my hands over my head. He turned me on my stomach to the dog's position and ran roughly into me from behind. His cock was the biggest I've ever had, so at first it was stiff. But it didn't stop him and he fucked me hard. He slapped my ass or grabbed my hair a few times. I was completely mad at the excitement and pain.

Eventually, his finger got lost on my anal and started pushing it there. "Not in the ass!" I shouted, trying to free him. He grabbed my hair with one hand and crushed my nipple with the other and said: "But honey, either be nice and hold or I'll cut your ass so you don't sit down." At that moment, tears welled up in my eyes and I felt so humiliated and abused. He rolled his finger into my ass and continued to fuck. Then suddenly he stopped and went somewhere.

He returned a moment later and dripped some liquid on my anal. He started to fingering my ass and then stuffed his hard dick there. He ran his hand over my clitoris, so it was quite exciting for me in the end. "So you like it in the end, you little bitch," he whispered in my ear and slapped me across the ass. He turned me on my back and penetrated me with his big cock. He reached back and held a vibrator in his hand. He turned it on and put it on my clit.

He squeezed my neck lightly with his other hand and began to fuck me hard. He kept looking me in the eye and telling me vulgar things. It excited me a lot and he obviously liked it too. I was slowly approaching the top, and when he said: "I'm going to fuck my soul out, you little bitch," it brought me to the top. I've never experienced such a strong and stormy orgasm. A few seconds after me, he did too.

Eventually, he untied me, helped me clear from his sperm, and began packing. I went for his monetary reward. And that it wasn't exactly small. "Wasn't that too rude of you?" he asked me as I came to see him. "It was perfect," I smiled. He smiled too. He grabbed me by the neck and kissed me: "Next time again," he said and left. I lay down wearily on the bed with a smile on my face, looking forward to our next meeting.