Love From The Pub

I went there almost daily. That is, daily, when she was there. I could never look at her, she was really beautiful. I knew all the features on her face, every tick, every corner of her perfect little figure, which only chastity allowed me to see. I could only see at a glance how pink she had slept and what her mood was.

Leona was a waitress at a nearby restaurant where I went to lunch. I don't know what attracts me to those girls in skirts and aprons. But when I confessed my feelings to someone, in most cases she was a girl of this craft. But Leona was a little different. It was obvious that she enjoyed her work, she was happy with it and therefore everyone treated her differently. However, I never found the courage to have a longer verbal conversation with her. Whenever I tried, it ended with the topic of how to improve the menu, which, by the way, I knew all by heart.

Only once... I came back late in the evening from a failed party. And of course I took it around my favorite pub. Leona was supposed to have an afternoon, and I still didn't want to sleep. I hesitated for a long time whether to go there or not. Eventually I entered a half-empty bar, and since I had already had a drink, I headed straight for the bar. I had a drink and started to start a conversation.

Surprisingly, I managed to swallow the imaginary boulder and talk. Leona sometimes jumped up to a guest, but we talked very nicely. What we have encountered in our lives and what we would expect from him. Suddenly Leona got up and went to lock the door. Only now did I realize that I had completely lost track of time, and when I looked around the restaurant, it was completely empty.

Leona approached me, took my hand and kissed it tenderly. I was scalded. I looked at her beautiful face, at her trembling closed eyelids, and I couldn't even return the kiss properly. "And I thought you liked me?" It was this sentence that woke me up from the surprise.

Instead of answering, I took her little head in my hands and pulled her sensual lips to mine. I played gently with her lower lip, licked her teeth, and my excitement grew more and more. I could smell her soft skin and beautiful blonde hair. She took my hand and led me to the next room. My gaze rested on the spacious couch. She saw my gaze and told me with a smile on her face that the leader sometimes slept here.

"You're very nice, and most importantly beautiful," she said, but I already had a T-shirt down. We slowly undressed each other and stopped at the underwear. My big dream has finally come true. I saw Leona in Eva's robe. I couldn't look at her, she was a really beautiful woman. Although she was a smaller figure, that was why the femininity stood out for her. Beautiful breasts, beautifully narrow waist and those hips - goddesses. I took Leona in my arms and laid her on the heavily ripped bed.

I turned her on her side and played my tongue with her auricle. I stroked her whole body, pretty slowly and tenderly. I tried to touch the delicate skin with just my fingertips. Leona melted away with bliss. I knelt under her, lifted her legs, and slowly pulled down her pretty soaked panties. I walked back on their tanned legs with my tongue. She began to stroke the whole body with excitement.

She ran her palms over her bare breasts, flat belly, and curled up in her own embrace. I wanted to look at the beauty and stood by the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at me questioningly. I always said she was an intelligent girl. She immediately understood which one was beating. "Would you like to see how such an abandoned girl spends her free time?" With that, she pulled me to the edge of the bed and bit into my penis over my pretty little shorts.

She helped me get rid of the last piece of my clothes and I made myself comfortable in the corner of the crib. She pulled away from me, tossing her outstretched legs from side to side so I could see her wonderfully shaved lap as best I could. She narrowed her blue eyes and immersed herself in her world of pleasure. I sat in the corner, breathing hard. I played gently with my cock, enjoying her beautiful body. Leona knelt and stuck her perfect ass on me. Finally, with her fingers, she headed for her cave. She kept circling around her, as if delaying the moment he touched her at all. Suddenly she pulled a small vibrator from the purse she left on the edge of the bed.

She spun a little to the side to see what she was up to. She began circling her tongue at the top and slowly put it in her mouth. I saw her sensual lips encircle the vibrator, run along its entire length, leaving its saliva on it. That was too much for me. The protruding ass was already an incredible torment for me, but this was unbearable. I pulled her close and turned on her back.

With interest in her eyes and a smile on her cheek, she watched my excitement and my actions. I was so excited that I had the desire to insert my dick into her wet pussy. But Leona was in tune with a gentle note, and of course I wanted to show myself in the best light. I lay down on her hot body and started kissing her.

I felt a powerful heat from her skin. I kissed her on the neck, sliding down my shoulders. I took her lush breasts with beautifully spilled pale nipples in my hands. I eagerly licked them and could not tear myself away from them for a long time, but something much more tempting awaited me. Her peach shone beautifully from the fragrant juice of desire. I shuddered at the sight and realized that I had never licked such a beautifully shaved pussy.

I began to kiss her slowly. My lips brushed against her beautiful large labia, which stood out like the Alps in the middle of the steppe. My tenderness in an instant turned into unbridled passion. With my head completely darkened, I gripped my lips and stretched her labia. I spread them with my fingers and began to massage her with the tip of my tongue. Leona just pulled her ass off and rubbed her nipples with her fingers. She whimpered beautifully. I watched the twitches of her whole body, even the biggest one. I have never experienced such a massive wave with an even bigger explosion in my life.

She was very short of breath and tired. However, my strength returned in an instant as I began to run my swollen acorn through her totally wet cave. I turned her hips to the side where the lower leg was along and the upper leg was bent. I started running my gleaming penis over her pussy again. She eagerly whimpered her "please don't bother me anymore" and I pushed in very slowly my cock up to the root.

I enjoyed the warmth in the peach, and slowly again, so that Leona could enjoy the whole length as well, I pulled it out. I started adding more regularly. My scrotum rubbed pleasantly against her thigh. In return, I took her breast in my hand and began massaging it. I remember it as if it were today, just as I leaned over her beautiful breast, someone slammed the outside door. "For God's sake, he's the boss. I completely forgot about it, "she jumped up like a bullet and started throwing things at herself.

I can tell you, I've never been dressed so quickly in my life. I wasn't so ashamed in my life when I walked around a guy. And I never walked around a guy like a penguin with a purse on my belly. Also, the purse was quite large. We went out of the pub and outside as if Leona had cooled down. Some suggestions that we could continue at home did not work. I didn't even succeed in proposing to sit in a bar.

She took my protective shield in the form of a purse. Fortunately, after such a conversation, my cock got sane and withered. Leona waved for a taxi and left. In an instant, my imaginary house of cards got nice cracks. I moved it slowly home, thinking about her reaction. I came to the unequivocal conclusion that Leona only took it as a flight. That pissed me off, and I figured I wouldn't enter that pub in my life.

But everything was different. Of course, I had to think about it all the time, and in the end I decided to go see Leona. With a sober head, I threw myself into a gala one Friday and set off. I was curious about her first reaction. How she will look when she sees me. With a beating heart, I entered the restaurant and stood at the door. I saw her running easily behind the counter. At that moment, I melted and I would forgive her in an instant. She looked up at me, created the most wonderful smile on her face under the sun, and set out to greet me.

I was surprised by this reaction, but Leona apologized to me and herself suggested that it ends earlier today, so that we could go somewhere. I agreed, waited for everything to pass on to my colleague, and we went out into the dark night. We crawled through several bars and Leona explained her reaction. Eventually, a suggestion was made that we could go to her, that she was alone at home.

We went out into the night and I had the most wonderful view under the bright moon. "Her golden, slightly curly hair glistened in the moonlight, her sharp eyes laughed, and her lips laughed, redder than cherries or roses in summer. And her stiff breasts lifted her dress like two large oranges, and her waist was so thin that you would grip it with your hands. "I remembered those words when I saw her against the moonlight, she was really the woman of my dreams.

We reached the finish line. Even as she pushed the key into the lock, I could feel my heart beating in my temples. I was eager as a young stallion. I imagined her in some beautiful nightgown, and that made me an uncontrollable pile of lust. She was as impatient as I was. I laid her on the large bed and began to kiss her slowly. I unclipped the small buttons from my blouse and covered her with my kisses.

The moon shone directly on the bedroom windows and landed on her beautifully slender body. She laid me on her back and I enjoyed her sensual touches. After a long journey through my hot body, she stopped at my sticking out dick. At first, she touched it only slightly with her fingers. She ran her fingertips all the way over, ran her hand over my scrotum, and began pulling gently on it. At the same time, her lips were already encircling my cock.

I brushed her beautiful long blond hair from the view and couldn't brag about the beauty. I motioned for her to push her peach over me, and I began to caress her. I spread her swollen labia and played with her clitoris. I pulled my lips behind her labia and sometimes licked my whole tongue beautifully. She always shook all over her body.

My cock had been beautifully covered in blood for a long time, and Leona couldn't stand the irritation anymore. She turned and stuck straight into my cock without the slightest difficulty. She cried out loudly and curled her sweaty body on my chest. She twisted her hips only slightly and enjoyed wonderful moments of pleasure. We spent a long night full of tenderness and beautiful peaks of bliss. In the morning, Leona said me about her beautiful four-year-old daughter, who now calls me daddy and she is a big girl now.