Maid Luisa

One day my good friend Martin called me to say that his parents had gone for the weekend, so to arrive, we would do a little "men's" ride, with three other friends. So I threw something on myself, reported at home that I would be at Martin's, and maybe I would stay there overnight and set off. I came to Martin last. John, Luke and Mark were already there. They sat on the terrace, drank beer and waited for me. Upon my arrival, we moved to the living room. Martin brought another drink and turned on their giant television.

Martin is such a boy from a "better" family. His dad has a solidly prosperous company, so they have enough of everything. Large house with pool, four cars, real estate in our country and abroad and in the maid's house. And it was the maid who made us a little over budget. It was the only "check" in the house and we were a little afraid to untie. So Martin came up with a plan to call her a little so she could get upset and go home. However, we had no idea that it would turn out completely differently.

The maid had been a lady for years. Martin said she was 55, but she didn't look like much. Slim tall figure, black, short hair and such a cheerful look. In short, normal, quite a pretty woman. For us 18-year-old boys, of course it was "grandma", but that was another of our mistakes. We watched TV, came up with plans to get rid of the maids. We drank and laughed wildly at the individual ideas. When she entered the room and admonished Martin: "Young sir, you shouldn't drink so much. You know your father wouldn't like it."

And Martin showed a bit of courage and alertness and replied: "What if you sat with us for a while and had a little, at least you would have a little under our supervision?" We waited for what would happen and, to our surprise, she agreed and sat down on the next couch. Martin poured her a drink and the conversation began. Innocent at first, but as courage increased with increasing blood alcohol, so did sex and ambiguous allusions.

Luisa, that was the maid's name, just sat quietly, watching our conversations and smiling. When she couldn't stand our speeches, who, how, and whom would be better fucked, she said: "I think, gentlemen, you wouldn't even be able to get a proper woman, and you would soon fall away like moths from a hot light bulb!" She continued to smile calmly and drank from her glass. There was a moment of silence, but then we started shouting and defending ourselves that it wasn't true. She kept laughing, and then Martin did something to completely shock and disarm us.

He got up, walked over to her, unzipped his pants, and freed his tail, which was sticking out enough, and said: "There's no point in defending yourself with words, more than words are deeds. You'll get what you asked for, smoke my dick! And come, gentlemen." There was literally horror and terror in our eyes, but she just laughed. She grabbed Martin's sticking tail and said: "As you command, sir," she slowly brought him closer to her mouth, licked it lightly, and slid it inside. Luisa started smoking Martin regularly and licked his acorn with the tip of her tongue.

We were looking completely speechless and stunned as Luisa took Martin's dick out of her mouth and called out to us: "What about you gentlemen, won't you prove it? Just come, I can handle you all," and she smiled mischievously. Martin turned to us and brushed her skirt from her thighs. Suddenly we saw her shaved lap. Martin said: "Come on, gentlemen, don't let yourself be persuaded. She's really good." This lure could no longer be resisted, so we threw off our pants and clung to Luisa.

Martin left us his place and started working on Luisa's breasts. He pulled the top of her service uniform over her shoulders, and since she didn't even have a bra, beautiful breasts peeked out at us. Martin and I took each one and started stroking, kissing and sucking. The boys surrounded Luisa, and she gradually smoked and chased them all. However, it was quite an unpleasant position for everyone. That's why I lay down and told Luisa to kneel on my face. I started licking her pussy.

The other boys were smoked again, and at one point Luke couldn't stand it and started spraying. He squirted into Luisa's mouth, then immediately began to apologize. "But it's nothing, boy. I like to swallow sperm." Luisa replied after swallowing all of Luke's dose of semen and continuing to smoke. I started fingering Luisa and licking her clitoris. That's when it came to her and she had her first orgasm. It was the first time I experienced a girl, sorry with a woman, a wet orgasm. It surprised me a little, but I obediently licked on.

However, Martin picked up Luisa and laid her on her back on the sofa. He spread her legs wide and insert his cock into her wet cunt. Then he fucked her hard. The rest of us took turns smoking and chasing. Then Martin shouted for us to back off. He pulled his cock from Luisa's cunt and grabbed her hair. She obediently opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and Martin began spraying his dose of semen into her mouth and face.

In the meantime, Mark replaced him in fucking with exactly the same course, and then it was the turn of the rest of us. Gradually, we all took turns in Luisa and sprayed her whole mouth and face. After this exercise, we all sat on the couch and rested. We thought the whole thing was over, but Luisa was smiling again. She came to Martin and said: "I thought it was just a prelude." She knelt by Martin and started smoking his dick again. It woke me up and he was standing like a candle to me again, so I approached Luisa and started fucking her from behind.

This woke the other boys up, they stood on the couch and let themselves be smoked. However, Martin suddenly said: "I already know how to destroy that slut," and he left with Mark. After a while, they carried a table from the kitchen. On the way, Martin took a lubricant from his parents' bedroom. They set the table near the sofa. Martin then ordered us to put Luisa on the table. Each of us had to hold her arm and leg firmly and stretch her legs nicely. Martin applied the lubricant to his hand and began inserting two, three, then four fingers into Luisa's pussy, and finally added a fifth. He tried to push his whole palm into her.

Luisa tossed and screamed for a moment. When I suggested that Martin stop, she shouted at me. Martin tried to push his hand in there, but the resistance was still great. He began to press Luisa on her stomach, and after a short effort, her pussy loosened and all of Martin's palm and part of her wrist disappeared. Martin began to crawl in her pussy and turn his hand, pushing deeper and out again. Luisa tossed, breathing deeply and hastily, until she suddenly began to scream, she bent over, dug her nails into us, and began to squirt from her pussy until she was literally a puddle under the table.

Martin slowly pulled his hand out of Luisa, grabbed her arm, and led her to the sofa. Then he sat Luisa on his dick and began to fuck her without a moment's respite. Luisa was still dazed, but she soon recovered, turned to us and said: "Gentlemen, I still have a free mouth and ass. I want you to fuck me and spray me." She didn't have to persuade us to do that for a long time. I rushed to keep the boys from overtaking me, applied lubricant to my sticking cock, and slowly drove Luisa into her ass.

It was absolutely amazing. Our sticks rubbed against each other, and it evoked a new wave of excitement in us. As a result, Martin and I exploded almost simultaneously on a wave of new orgasms, and we both began to fill Luisa with both holes. Luke came up with it. He squirted Luisa into her mouth again. He was followed by John and Mark. Luisa had a mouthful of semen. Part ran down her cheeks and dripped on her breasts and belly. Soon her semen began to flow from her pussy and ass. Martin told her it was leaking onto her leather seat and to clean it up.

So Luisa knelt in front of the seat and licked everything from it with her tongue, then used her fingers to clean herself and swallow everything. Then she said she needed a drink and then we could move on again. We were shocked that she didn't have enough yet. But for her and for us, the day was far from over.