Meeting At The Bar

It started with a completely innocent evening. I went to the bar for a drink and looked for company tonight. He stood in the corner, looking with interest at the young female bodies, writhing on the floor and stretching among those present to the bar. He was exactly my type. The one that satisfies my perverted tastes and I will do it for as long as I don't. I pulled down the neckline and revealed my show tits even more. So, so my nipples didn't come out.

I tossed in my fourth drink and lifted my full background. I kept my eyes on him all the time, waiting for him to notice me. Our eyes met when I was almost standing next to him. He smiled, so I went straight to the point. I stepped forward, reached out, and whispered in his ear: "I love it when my young, juicy cunt is fucked by a dad like you. Do you have a shaved dick?" He shook his head in astonishment on his face. So I told him: "That makes me even more excited. Do you want to touch my wet pussy?"

I took his hand and slowly led him under my short skirt. I rolled my panties to the side and spread my legs slightly to see how wet I was. He carefully opened my labia and ran his finger over my sensitive clit. I narrowed my eyes and sighed slightly. I flowed like a waterfall and he was already carefully running his fingers through my cunt. He was shy, but his dick woke to life at lightning speed.

I pulled him close, leaned over his beer navel, and kissed his ear. Then I told him: "You can do whatever you want with me. I only have one condition. That you're really squirting my pussy." He couldn't help but sigh a loud sigh, and he had a show bulge on his pants. We went outside the bar, and he said for the first time: "Would you like to experience something unusual and fuck yourself tonight?" I bit my lips and nodded. He said let me wait for him to get something done and stepped back to call.

It only took a moment. Then he called a cab, I got on first. I couldn't wait for the old, chubby pig's cum to flow from my pussy. He could be my dad, he was about fifty. And that's exactly what my cunt needs. For someone to use her instead of a sock when chasing. We arrived at the place. A kind of cottage on the outskirts of the city. Pretty, large, he probably won't be poor. He paid for a cab and we went inside.

I threw myself at him in the hallway and begged him to make me his slut today. He smiled and said: "Don't worry, I'll do it. Sperm will flow everywhere. You like it when daddy fucks you. So you will enjoy it today. There are a few dads here today." He opened the door and I saw a large room, a mattress in the middle of the floor, and about 10 old, drooling men with swollen cocks. I was scared, but he was already pushing me in front of him.

The guys were smiling and couldn't wait to get your shrunken pins in my tight pussy. Before I could react, I lay on the mattress and the first uncle tore his dick over my panties into my cunt. "Where did you get her? She has a lagoon in her pussy. I have to lick before we spray into her pink peach." And he was already swinging his tongue over my clitoris. I flowed like a broken dam and anxiety was replaced by huge excitement and lust. He licked my pussy a hundred and six and I wasn't far from orgasm.

Meanwhile, the others around me chased their dicks. My chosen one approached me and began to poke an acorn into my mouth. "Blow me, you little bitch!" I listened. The first dick was already fighting my way back into my cunt. I was overjoyed. My orgasm was coming. "Squirt, squirt, squirt my pussy!" I shouted how senseless. It really started to fill me and I did. Before I recovered, I had another in me. This schnauzer had a really big dick and he honestly poked the previous guy's deep inside.

Then he pulled his huge cock out of my soaked cunt. He first sprayed his semen twice on my clit and sprayed the rest into me again. Sperm came out of my pussy and I obediently smoked and chased dicks around. Another came and turned me on my stomach. I knelt at four and as soon as he inserted it, he started squirting. "It was just like that, gentlemen," he said, and the others began to laugh.

Another started to fuck my ass. I held on and looked forward to the cum flowing from my anal. He rummaged through my pussy and lubricated my back hole with that cum mixture. In a moment he hit me on his stake and fucked me. It fucked really wildly and I hardly even noticed that the cock I was smoking was on my tonsils. This one sucked for a long time, but when I asked me to squirt out my ass, he didn't keep me waiting long and filled my intestines with a really large dose of white cum. He just took it out, sprayed me with another fuck.

I was in a trance when the one who licked my pussy beautifully came up behind me. He put the acorn on my crumbly anal and started pissing it on me. I immediately started chasing my pussy. He filled my bowels with a golden hot fluid and began to orgasm with me. It was the most beautiful orgasm of my life. When he was peeing, he started fucking full. Immediately his dick hardened and he fucked me until piss squirted out of me. I shouted for pleasure as if for life. He took the dick out of my ass, walked around me, and stuffed it all the way into my mouth. He fucked me, I didn't suffocate. After a while, my mouth was full of his sperm. A mixture of piss and cum flowed from my ass.

Another wanted me to saddle him. I sat on his dick and rode on it like a horse when someone started tearing his dick into my pissed anal. I've never experienced anything like this. They punched another dick in my mouth and agreed to squirt all three holes at once. They really succeeded and I had my next orgasm with them. Cum came out of me through all the holes.

Then someone asked: "So, guys, anyone else?" No one answered. When my last cock slipped out of my ass, they picked me up, pulled my skirt back down, and called me a cab. Glued, I got in the car and drove home. I took a vibrator out of the drawer and did it beautifully once more when I remembered the wild fuck with my dads.