Memories Of The Boarding School

I came to the boarding school on Sunday night. I lived with Isabelle and Monique. The two girls came from Paris and got along very well. Every night after dinner, both of my roommates climbed under one duvet. There they whispered something, sighed, and engaged in various screeching activities that disturbed me and prevented me from sleeping because of them. One evening I was really upset, I got out of bed and wanted to pour water on them so that they would finally be quiet.

The room was dark and there was nothing to see. I walked carefully so as not to trip. My hands were outstretched in front of me until I came to Monique's ripped bed. My hands touched a naked body, which surprised me quite a bit. But the explanation was simple. Isabelle lay on her back and Monique lay on top of her. They were both somehow intertwined and completely naked. I asked them what it was stupid to do that I couldn't sleep. Both girls burst out laughing. "We're fucking!" they replied.

I've only heard the word a few times before, but it must have been something very enjoyable when they did it every night. So I told them I wanted to learn that too, to be taken to the party. "Then undress," Isabelle said. "Do you even know what you got her for?" and she touched her finger to my pussy. I replied that the peeing and birth of children. "You're right, but it's also for pleasant playing and feeling. You don't just want to give birth. Look, we'll convince you," Monique said.

Then they threw me on the bed. Isabelle started licking my left nipple and Monique my right. I found her right almost immediately. A very pleasant feeling flooded me, which spread all over my body and was gradually concentrated in my pussy. The girls began to tingle on my belly and between the hairs on my lap. I spread my legs a little and Isabelle's fingers began to penetrate my labia on my pussy, where I felt damp. Then her curious finger crossed over to my clit and gently stroked it.

The tension was escalating inside me. It was getting more and more pleasant and I longed for an orgasm. I breathed quickly, tensed, sighed, and the girls irritated me more and more. Immediately Monique left my swollen nipple with her mouth, and before I could continue she had her head between my legs and her tongue penetrated between my lips and to my clitoris. I felt that the climax was approaching and I was soon shaken by a huge orgasm. I pushed Monique's head into my lap and gripped her thighs tightly. At the same time, I stroked Isabelle and I acted like I was out of my mind.

The orgasm slowly subsided when Monique said: "That was the first lesson. Tell Isabelle, that her cunt flowed like a waterfall? And that she has a bigger clit than you?" Then she turned to me and said: "You know what? We're taking you to the party and there will be three of us now. It's safer than fucking with guys. Now do some of us." I felt Isabelle's firm breasts. She knelt so that I was actually under her, her thighs hugging my hips and shoving her nipple into my mouth. So I licked her left and right nipple alternately. Then I pressed her tits together and licked both nipples at once. Isabelle then crawled higher, so that she seemed to be sitting on my tits and offered me to lick her wet pussy.

It was an intoxicating experience for me. The woman's womb is so soft and slippery. I stuck my tongue in and almost choked on the amount of slippery slime that flowed from Isabella's pussy with excitement. I found out that Monique was now licking Isabella's breasts. So we excited her together, and she trembled with the growing tension, jumped, and I enjoyed her fragrant and damp hole more and more enthusiastically. I gently sucked her labia with my lips and massaged her clitoris with circular movements. And in that Isabelle reached the top and a great orgasm. She squeezed my head between her thighs, jerked with small movements, and I felt her excrete a lot of warm mucus running down my chin.

Without unnecessary prolongation, I moved between Monique's thighs while Isabelle recovered from her orgasm. We started kissing and we sucked each other's nipples. I felt the strange tension of the love affair again. I was getting inventive, my sexual passion was awakened and I have not been able to tame it since. I lay down on Monique so that I had my head between her thighs and offered my pussy to her eager lips.

We enjoyed our wet crotches and hardened cunts together. Almost at the same time, we also reached an orgasm, in which we clung to each other as closely as possible to the delightful places of our bodies. We enjoyed sex together at the boarding school very often. Almost every night. And always all three together. Just three young and underage lesbians in a dorm.