Mom´s Friend

A friend from work came to see my mother. It was already evening, they were both quite cheerful, and around midnight they went to wash and sleep. I've been waiting for this because I've always wondered how Mandy (my mom's friend) looks naked. I hid the camera in the bathroom. When she got out of the bathroom, I went for the camera and started watching the recorded video in my room. It was clear in the video that Mandy had gorgeous big and firm breasts with big nipples. It's really a cat. And she also has a shaved pussy, she just keeps a little hair over her. I started chasing a hard stick.

Suddenly the door opened and Mandy entered my room. She probably wanted to tell me something, but she stopped. She noticed me looking at the camera and chasing my dick. She just smiled and came to me. She wore only a T-shirt and white rather translucent panties. She took the camera from my hand and rolled her eyes. She watched the video for a moment, then placed the camera on the shelf. She looked at me. I was just looking at her translucent panties, in which her cunt was beautifully outlined.

At that moment, I didn't care. I reached out quickly to her. I rolled up her T-shirt and began rubbing and licking her swollen nipples. Then I took her ass and ripped her panties off. I didn't wait and stuck four fingers in her pussy. She screamed and wanted to push my hand away, but I wouldn't let her. After a while, she flowed and sighed loudly. Suddenly she started to knocked and fainted for a moment. I took advantage of this moment and punched my entire fist in her cunt. She didn't notice it for a few seconds, but then shouted softly in pain, trying to avoid it.

But the more she tried, the more I punched her there. In a moment, she writhed in another even more intense orgasm. I pulled out my hand. Mandy opened her mouth, leaned forward, unable to scream in pain. I grabbed her head and thrust my cock into her mouth. I stabbed her hard in the throat and teased her pussy with my toes. I never lasted too long to fuck. So after a few minutes, I hit for the last time and held her head tight. I squirted down her throat. Suddenly she slipped from my leg and I let go of her head. She writhed in another orgasm for perhaps a minute.

When Mandy calmed down, I got out of bed and pulled her with me. I grabbed her ass and leaned against the desk. She spread her legs. I had her wet pussy within reach. I stuck my cock in there and pounded her as hard and as fast as I could. She sighed loudly, and I knew her next orgasm was coming. I pulled a bird out of her and she turned to me questioningly: "Why did you stop fucking me?"

I stepped back and slapped her palm under the pussy. She fell to the ground and knocked like a dog. I helped her to her feet. She thought we were done, but I leaned her against the table again and fucked her hard. Her pussy was already burning. I felt like I was going to spray soon. I grabbed her hair and asked: "Are you taking pills?" "No," she said. I took her big breasts and pulled her closer to the table.

I spread the halves of her beautiful ass. I pushed the stone-hard cock to her anus and slowly pushed it there. She didn't like it. But I didn't let myself be pushed aside. I grabbed her tightly and stuffed my dick her there. I fucked her ass. I only hit about four times and sprayed her like life. Now that her ass was slippery from semen, it didn't hurt anymore, and she quite liked it. So I fucked her ass for a while before my cock softened...