My First Making Love

It was a beautiful summer morning and my friend and I celebrated the two-year anniversary of our acquaintance. His name was John, and by the way, I'm Ann. John had wanted sex for a while, but I didn't have the courage. I was ashamed. He promised me that he would be gentle and that he would be very careful not to hurt me.

John always talked me into everything. When I was horny, we wrote about sex. Although I was very horny, I was afraid to have sex with him. D-Day came and I was determined to do it. I loved John above all and I wanted him to be happy.

In the morning, I washed myself with soap with the scent of Belgian chocolate, washed my hair and shaved thoroughly. I went to the nearest lingerie store to pleasantly surprise my pet. I sent him a text message with the subject that said I WANT YOU. John wrote off the smiley and wrote where and when I should be. I put on my underwear, smelled, put on my clothes and went to the place.

It was a bus stop. He was waiting for me there and we went to his parents' apartment together. He held my ass all the way and sometimes squeezed it hard. He kissed me one last time, took my hand, and led me to the entrance. As he unlocked the door, I could smell the wonderful smell of clean linen. He led me to the bed and took off my coat. As he was taking it away, I had time to look around his apartment. There were photos and pictures of their family everywhere. A pack of condoms lay on the bedside table, and a vibrator peered out of the drawer.

Then he came and said he was going to take a shower, so I had time to lure a little. I took off my clothes and shoved a vibrator into my vagina. It was almost there, and I began to pull it out and push it in again. When I heard the shower turn off, I quickly put on my panties and shoved the vibrator back into the drawer. John had only a towel around him, and I was finally able to enjoy his muscular body.

I almost started drooling when I saw his manly body, which was still dripping with water droplets. "Oh, I love you!" I said out loud, got up, and threw him on the bed. I sat on his lap and kissed him like never before. There was so much passion in it. John grabbed my ass, pulled my panties off a little, and slapped me over the bare halves. He turned me on his back and started kissing my neck.

He progressed lower. He took off my shirt and started sucking my nipples and licking the place around them. I began to sigh slightly, and when he was sure I liked it, he completely took off my snow-white panties. First he began to kiss the inside of my thighs and then he began to gently bite my labia. Then it was his agile tongue. I was looking forward and it was amazing!

At first he spat on my clitoris and later began to run his tongue deep into the vagina. I was dying of happiness, I grabbed the bed and started breathing fast. He salivated his finger and shoved it there, then the second and then the third. He did me good half an hour, sometimes kissing me and squeezing my breasts. The first orgasm came, and he hadn't hit his cock in me yet.

He smiled at me and got up from the floor he was kneeling on. As he stood and I sat, his erect cock was the same height as my mouth. I didn't hesitate and moved closer to him. I took his log in my mouth. It was 18 cm and it was no earthworm around the perimeter. I had it all the way to the root in my mouth when I suddenly felt a twitch. I let go a little and he squirted in my mouth. It was warm, and when I saw his joy in his eyes, I swallowed it.

He lay down next to me and squeezed my breasts and ass. It excited me, but then he salivated his finger and widened my anal opening. I shouted. "What are you doing?" It hurt a lot, but he assured me it would stop in a moment. He stuck finger in there, then two. He began to move his fingers slowly in my ass. It was nice. Then he ran his tongue into my anal. "Do you want it?" He asked me, and I nodded.

I lay straight on my back and he lay down on me. He tried to put him inside. At first he touched the hole with his tip and I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement. He pressed and spat on his cock. He broke into me right away, I just sobbed. It was really beautiful, he added, and after a while I felt a twitch in the vagina again. We had another orgasm together, it was beautiful. His semen flooded my shell and I felt like I was in seventh heaven.

But that's not the end of it. He turned me around and began to make my anal hole happy. He spat on his cock and fingers again. First he spread my ass a little and then drove inside. It hurt, but it was bearable. I felt like I was done and he shouted that he would be too. He pulled a cock out of me and started masturbating. He squirted in my mouth. The whole bed was dirty from semen, blood and my vaginal fluid.

Then we took a shower together. John took me home, kissed me, and whispered in my ear how much he loved me. I am with him to this day, we are celebrating our fourth year and I love him more and more.