My Greatest Experience

I'm 27 years old. I'm a green-eyed brunette. I measure about 171 cm. I think my figure is relatively nice - bigger breasts (size D), firm ass and I tan well. I'm quite communicative and I've never been short of boys. Just a normal girl who had slightly wilder puberty, but I think everything is within limits. As for sex, I like classic sex, I don't mind anal, even when a boy sprays it in my mouth, but I don't swallow.

But I like one such fancy, and that is footfetish. I love buying new shoes, going for a pedicure and I have perhaps a million nail polish at home. Even some boys were lying at my feet, smoking my thumbs, and I did it myself, and and I've always reached orgasm. I have a mobile full of photos of my feet...

I considered my feet to be the feet of a goddess. That is, until I met Lucy once at a party. She sat leg over leg. She had sandals on her feet and still rocked her feet in various ways. She had beautifully varnished nails with plain red nail polish, but with absolute precision. Her thumbs gleamed completely. She had a bracelet on her ankle and tattooed floral ornaments.

Only after I noticed those beautiful feet did I notice the other one. From the feet, I looked at the beautiful long legs, until I came across short shorts and a light T-shirt under which there were quite small breasts (size A). I continued higher and saw a beautiful tall smiling blue-eyed blonde. I glanced down at exciting feet again. It was obvious that he had them beautifully cultivated, and I guessed that there was a high probability that we had the same interests.

Suddenly an unprecedented thought flashed through my head. I'm packing a girl! To cut a long story short, I bet everything on one card and went to Lucy's and asked her where she was going for a pedicure, that she had such beautiful legs. Lucy caught on. Body language and stares followed. It's like packing a boy without hesitation. The alcohol worked a little too, and we went to Lucy's house in a moment. We took the stairs per four or so.

What happened next was incredible and beyond my expectations. But in a pleasant sense. The tender and beautiful blonde Lucy became a strict dominatrix in an instant. After a moment of touching and heckling, when we were both pretty hot, Lucy pulled the handcuffs out of a drawer and said I would only lick her legs with this one on her hands. She had total power over me, and I would do anything to play with her thumbs. Suddenly I was naked, my hands tied behind my back, and I was lying on the floor by the chair. All justice went aside.

Lucy stumbled over my face, and I tried to snatch them with her mouth. Then she told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I liked to do that, but suddenly I had her foot almost in my throat. I started choking, and Lucy jerked her foot out again and ran it over my face.

I still had my tongue out and tried to lick the divine feet. Then she stuck only a thumb in my mouth and I started sucking it furiously. More than once, she put her other thumb in my mouth and spread my mouth and stared at me. I almost grunted, but I didn't move and stared into Lucy's eyes. She had me totally in power. She spat into my wide mouth, pulled out her thumbs, slapped me, and stuffed my whole foot into my mouth again.

I rolled on the ground like mad. Hands behind my back, drooling chin and grunting bliss. And again Lucy's favorite procedure. Grab your hair, slap and lick your legs again. We repeated it like this several times. Lucy was getting more and more aggressive and I liked it more and more.

Then she tightened. She grabbed my hair and sat me down. She slapped me again. Two on each side, and then she said, "I'll let you do whatever you want with my feet for thirty seconds, but I'll slap your tits." Three times each. "Absolutely without thinking, I agreed. She gripped my hair even tighter and "clap!", "clap!", "clap!". "One!", "two!", "three!".

And on each side of the face, one, the other! With a twitch, she let go of my head and thrust both of her feet over my face. I almost choked on them. I clutched them awkwardly with my mouth, licked them, smoked my thumbs, enjoyed every inch of them. I don't know if it was really thirty seconds or how long, but I could do it all day.

Suddenly Lucy grabbed my head and slammed my face into her lap. I buried my mouth between her lips. She had absolutely boiling pussy. Almost automatically, I ran my tongue a few times from her ass to her clit, and Lucy did. I licked her like a madman and rubbed the bridle of my tongue against the bottom of my teeth from below.

Lucy sank into the back of the chair. She breathed for a while and I waited for what would happen. After a while, she got up and unlocked my handcuffs, and her behavior suddenly turned one hundred and eighty degrees. "Come and caress me" she began to whisper at me. Suddenly we were in bed with her, followed by animal but gentle girlish love. We ran our fingers through pussies and asses, licking our fingers, nipples and armpits.

We alternated sixty-nine several times, each with two or three suckers on the neck. It ended two-two. I did it twice, and Lucy added another one at sixty-nine to her first orgasm on the couch. We have never repeated a similar event, but I will remember it for the rest of my life.