Night Adventure With A Cleaning Lady

This experience happened to me last year. As a student, I didn't have much money. So I got a night watchman's brigade from an unnamed company. A woman was talking to me during the interview. It wasn't weird, but as I found out later, she was the owner of this company. I have to say that I was quite surprised. Her name was Penny and she was quite young for her position. I guessed about twenty-five. She had a smaller figure, black hair, and big blue eyes. After the interview, she accepted me with a smile and wished I liked them.

The first evening I came to work at six and everything went smoothly. By seven, everyone was leaving the company, and I locked it everywhere. At about nine o'clock the bell rang. I went to see who it was. A woman stood outside the door. When I opened, she blurted out at me, "So here I am." I looked at her blankly. She probably sensed from my point of view that I didn't know who she was and explained everything to me. She was a cleaning lady and she comes here to clean every other day.

I have to say that she didn't look bad at the cleaning lady at all. She has got a pretty tall figure with big breasts and blond hair. She could have been about thirty. "You're new here, aren't you?" she asked me. "Yes," I answered and let her in. "I'm Olivia and you?" she asked me. "I'm Bill," I introduced myself. "Finally, someone younger," she said and smiling. Then she went who knows where. I also went to my place and didn't pay more attention to it.

About an hour later, she appeared in my room and asked: "What are you doing?" I replied: "I'm bored, they don't show anything on TV, and there's no tape in the video." Olivia said: "I have one here. I borrowed it and wanted to see it at home. Do you want to look at it with me?" "All right," I said. "What's on that tape," I asked. "Be surprised," she replied, smiling a little.

I just hoped it wasn't some romance, I probably wouldn't be able to do it. So we went to the meeting room, where there was a video. Olivia released the tape and we sat comfortably on the seat. The beginning of the film was exactly as I feared. But after about five minutes, the story literally collapsed. It was a porn movie. I looked at Olivia and she smiled at me. "You do not like it? Should I turn it off?" she asked me. "No, it's not, but I didn't expect it," I replied.

We were watching a movie and I watched Olivia what she was doing. She literally devoured the film with her mouth ajar and at times licked her lips with her tongue. Then, with one hand, she began stroking the inside of her thighs to her crotch. I've had a lump in my pants for a while. My cock wanted out.

I couldn't stand it any longer and stroked Olivia's leg uncertainly. She looked away from the screen at me and just closed her eyes. That was the signal for me. I sat closer and involved the other hand, which I began to run over one breast. I could feel through her shirt that she didn't have a bra and how her nipple was growing in my fingers, which I teased her with.

Olivia sighed softly and I dared to go on. I took off her shirt. Olivia also started undressing me. All I have left was boxers and she was in panties only. Her panties were very slight, white and cut into the ass. I didn't notice the movie we were watching at all. Only then did I hear a sigh.

We kissed for a long time and teased each other with our hands in our crotches. When Olivia was wet between her legs, I picked her up and sat her on the table. She spread her legs apart and I knelt beside her. I kissed the inside of her thighs and gradually approached the soaked panties. I put the narrow cord to the side with my finger and licked her pussy along its entire length. I removed the last piece of underwear from her. Olivia sighed happily and spread her legs even more. I spread her labia with my hands and a whole pussy with a small wet hole spread out in front of me.

I ran my tongue again from the pussy hole to the clitoris. She shivered as she felt my tongue on her clitoris. I circled the tip of my tongue on the clit and at times sucked it up and pursed my lips. Olivia shivered and sighed loudly. She lasted a long time and experienced her first orgasm. Delicious juices literally flowed from her. When she recovered a little, she got off the table and kissed me for a long time. I could feel her tongue everywhere.

Then she turned me around and leaned against the table. Her kisses were already pointing lower and lower down my body. She knelt in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She gently began to massage him and lick the tip of the acorn. After a while, she took it in her mouth and started smoking my cock. I was so excited that my knees broke at times. Suddenly I saw a movement at the door.

As I looked more closely, I saw the owner of Penny standing there. She was looking at us. She had one hand under her skirt and teased her pussy. I whispered quietly to Olivia to turn and look at the door. She left my cock and turned around. Penny noticed that we knew about her and quickly took her hand out and blushed. Olivia smiled and walked to the door behind her. She opened the door, took Penny's hand, and led her to me.

"I forgot something here," she whispered, letting herself into the room without resistance. Olivia placed her in front of me and then stood close behind her. Penny kept her eyes on my dick. She looked at him with her mouth ajar and slowly licked her lips with her tongue at any moment. I looked into her eyes and said, "Do you feel like him?" And she nodded. Meanwhile, Olivia helped her take off her dress. When Penny was completely naked, she knelt down and took my cock in her hand. Then she licked him gently and shoved my cock into her mouth.

Olivia knelt behind Penny and stroked her chest and flat stomach. She got closer and closer to her crotch. As soon as she touched her small strip of hair, Penny got up and spread her legs to give Olivia better access to her pussy. She ran her hand over her clit and teased it with her fingers. Penny obviously liked it, because at times she stopped smoking my cock and enjoyed the touch of Olivia's fingers.

When Penny wasn't smoking my dick, she did it me with her hand. Suddenly I felt the sperm roll out. Penny felt it too, and put my cock in her mouth. My whole body tensed and I squirted Penny a full dose down her throat. She swallowed my hot juice as best she could. It was so excited that my knees broke. My cock dropped and I needed some rest. I sat down in a chair and watched the two cats kissing and stroking each other.

Olivia placed Penny on the table so that her pussy was on the edge of the table and spread her legs. You could see how excited Penny was and how wet her hole was. Olivia leaned over Penny and kissed the inside of her thighs until she reached her lap. Then she started licking her pussy. Penny sighed softly, but as Olivia got to the clit and massaged it with quick movements, Penny began to inhale and moan louder and louder. Before long, she had an orgasm. Penny curled up on her side and shivered as she had a great orgasm.

Olivia turned to me and smiled. Then she got up and walked over to me. She knelt in front of me and took my still withered dick in her mouth. She smoked him until my cock stood up again. Then she sat on me, pushed the tip of my cock to the edge of her hole, and landed abruptly. It was still pretty damp, so there was no problem penetrating it all the way. Olivia sighed loudly and began to pound quickly. After a while, she put her feet on my shoulders and I grabbed her hips and helped her in the blows. It was amazing, I've never experienced anything like it.

While Olivia and I were enjoying each other, Penny was looking at us and she could see that she was in the taste again. She picked up a cone-shaped paperweight and slowly inserted it into her wet hole. Olivia and I continued the wild ride. This time, however, Olivia leaned her hands against the wall and I penetrated her from behind. She moved in the same rhythm as me. I added faster and faster. From her louder and louder sigh, it was clear that it would soon come on Olivia. And it wasn't long before Olivia had a second orgasm.

I left Olivia and went to take care of Penny, who was self-satisfied. I took the cone out of her pussy and replaced it with my cock. Penny put her feet on my shoulders, too, so I could dig deeper into her. I added slowly, but with my whole length. It wasn't long before I felt it coming at me again. Penny must have felt it too, and she pushed me away a little, saying, "You can't do this now."

She came down from the table and stuck her ass in me. "Do it in my ass," she said, writhing desperately. I didn't be prompted twice and stepped closer to Penny. When Olivia saw what we wanted to do, she immediately rushed to her aid. She stood beside me and spread Penny's ass as she could. A narrow hole appeared in front of me. First I shoved my cock into her pussy to soak it a little, and then I ran the hand of the tip of my acorn to the edge of the hole in her ass and slowly penetrated it.

It was difficult at first, but after a while the hole began to adjust to my penis. When I was in Penny's entire length, Olivia climbed under us and massaged my balls with one hand while licking Penny's pussy. Penny held on to the table and sighed loudly. She could see that she liked it the most, and she kept begging me to add more and faster. I broke into it as she wished, but at this pace I couldn't stand it for a long time.

I felt my semen roll out. Olivia felt it too, and she gently squeezed my ball as I sprayed. I filled Penny's ass with my semen. I hit twice more and Penny did too. She writhed and screamed with excitement, then fell to the ground, breathing deeply for a while longer. We just lay on the ground for a while, talking about the experience we had just had, and promised ourselves that we would have to do it again. Then we got dressed and Penny and Olivia left. Since then, I have been looking forward to work and have been there as often as possible.