Our Biology Teacher

This is a story that really happened to me. One of our sexy teachers has a friend with whom she often has sex. We have her on biology and geography. She's about 30. She has beautiful firm breasts, size C and red hair. Real cat. One evening, when I was out for a walk alone, I went out of curiosity to look at where our teacher lived. I looked around and then I had a beautiful view through her window. I saw everything.

They sat in the chair and just started kissing. Then it turned into a wild kisses and French kissing. He kissed her neck and she sighed excitedly. At first he kissed her tenderly. Then he started kissing her wildly and made a purse on her neck. They had a window open the whole time. Then they moved from the living room to the bedroom, where it was also beautiful to see. They stood kissing for a moment. He took off her shirt and bra and then grabbed her by her super tits.

They kept kissing. She took off his shirt. He unbuttoned her skirt and pulled her down with her panties. He gently teased on her clitoris. She pulled off his pants, then his shorts, and freed his already hard and erect dick. It was so big and wide! She started chasing him and then smoking. He enjoyed it for a while. Then he took her and collapsed on the bed. He spread her legs and began to lick her wet pussy. Then he stuck his fingers in her. It clapped nicely and she writhed in delight.

When the teacher was wet enough, he stopped licking and fingering and kissed her. He lay down on the bed, his dick standing beautifully, and she sat on him like on horse. First she jumped on him slowly and then quickly, and when she couldn't, he laid her on her back, spread her long legs, and gently inserted his cock into her. At first he fucked her slowly, but then wilder and wilder. He fucked her for her life and she moaned. The balls just slapped her beautifully shaved pussy.

They did both at the same time and he squirted into her pussy. She could barely breathe. They kissed all the time. He still had his cock in her long after he squirted into her. I do not know why. When he took it out of her, his semen began to flow from her pussy. He picked it up again at the tip of the acorn and shoved his entire cock and semen into her. Then he pulled him out again. Nothing flowed from her this time. It was the end of the fuck. They were just kissing.