Our New Next Door Woman

I'm an ordinary 17-year-old boy. Unfortunately, I am still virgin. Last summer, my parents and I went to the cottage to the dam, as every year. The weather was wonderful so I announced to ours immediately after arrival that I was going for a walk to the water. I took the keys to the ship and set off. As I walked past the neighboring cottage, which, by the way, was empty last year, I noticed that we had new neighbors. So I'm thinking, there could be a nice girl with them. Unfortunately, I only saw a woman in her 50s in a bathing suit.

I said hello and said: "I see we have new neighbors." "Hello," the woman replied and we introduced ourselves. The neighbor was a little stronger, but her boobs were like melons. Really huge. As soon as one fell out of her swimsuit, I noticed. She's not that bad, I thought, and walked on to the water.

I unlocked our small boat, took off, and set off for a small island, about a mile from shore. People usually swim there without a swimsuit. It is such a beach for nudist, so to speak. No one was there at the moment. So I stripped naked and was going to the water. I thought about our new neighbor and imagined her huge tits. At that moment, my dick was standing and I felt I had to masturbate.

So I crawled into the bushes, pulled my foreskin over the acorn of my penis a few times, and began to squirt and sigh massively. It was great. I haven't done this in a long time. Then I took a bath and after a while I went to our cottage. I spotted our new neighbor from a distance. There was a bulge on my shorts in my crotch. My dick was hard again. I covered the bulge in my crotch with a blanket and walked on.

"How was the bathing?" the neighbor asked. "Great. The water is as warm as coffee," I say, constantly looking at her boobs. "Are you going to the little island too?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm going on the island," I told her. "And could I go with you tomorrow if you go there? I heard that there is a perfect place for swimming," my neighbor asked me. "I don't know if I'm going there. I have to go now," I said nervously, hurrying home.

The next day I looked out for my neighbor and waited for an opportunity. I didn't want to meet her outside. Then I hurried to the water. I didn't want her to see me. I walked past her cottage and she said: "You're going to the island, aren't you? Wait a minute, I'll go with you." I became nervous and stuttered: "Okay, I'll wait." Bad luck.

The neighbor was wearing shorts and a transparent white shirt. A small red swimsuit could be seen under the shirt. My dick was starting to harden a little, but I wore jeans shorts so it wasn't very visible. We reached the boat and the neighbor says: "Wait a minute. I'll undress in a swimsuit, if you don't mind. At least I'll get a tan on the way." "As you wish. I'm taking the ship away for now," I said nervously.

I untied the ship. The neighbor appeared with her huge melons in a small red swimsuit. I don't even mind that she's a little thicker... I can't get the word out of myself... great. My dick started to twitch. She walked past me and boarded the ship. In this I notice that he has a thong. My dick stood like a pillar again.

We went out into the water and I didn't take my eyes off her all the way. Especially from her big boobs. She must have noticed that my dick was standing all the way. During the trip, she asked me how old I was and then if I already had a girlfriend and such. I told her the truth that I was still virgin. I rather stuttered. Then I asked her, even though she didn't care how old she was. "Oh, oh," she laughed. "All right, I'll tell you. I am 53 years old. But enough talk. I see you don't have a blanket. So you can lie next to me, I took the big one."

I took her bag and we went to the empty beach together. "Unfold the blanket and we'll go into the water," she ordered. "Yeah, yeah," I replied. My dick was no longer standing, so I calmly took off my shorts. I was already wearing a swimsuit. I ran and jumped into the water. The neighbor was swimming behind me. After a while we climbed out of the water. The neighbor was walking in front of me and I was looking at the red thong cut into her big ass.

The neighbor said, "I sunbathe without a bra, you know." And suddenly she took off the top of her swimsuit. I was shocked, such a mega boobs. I immediately had a bulge on my swimsuit in my crotch. Well, my dick stand and I fell ashamed. "What is it?" she laughed. "Well," I stammered. "Then don't be ashamed. I immediately noticed you still looking at my chest. Do you like my sixes? I could see your standing dick all the way and I was starting to massage myself tits. Do you like me?" she asked. "Yes, I like you," I barely stammered. "I like you too. Nice and young. I will teach you, do not be afraid."

She put her hand in my crotch and began stroking my swimsuit. "Then show me what you got there?" she was curious. She slowly took off my swimsuit. I was so excited here that I couldn't resist. My hard dick jumped on her with a red acorn and retracted foreskin. "Splendor. I haven't seen such a hard and excited cock in a long time," she praised my penis. She took it in her hand and chased it slowly.

I started to sigh. "Then we'll taste it," she said and shoving it into her mouth. I was in seventh heaven. After a few seconds, it started coming at me. "I will. Yeah, aaa," I shouted. It was stronger than ever. I was in a trance and I started shaking. She took a dick out of her mouth and chased it wildly and I squirted, massively and for a long time. It was beautiful. And as I watched the busty neighbor, her super tits, I began to feel my cock begin to harden again.

The neighbor noticed this and said, "I see we're not done here yet." My dick was up to me again. She got up and said, "Just stay down," and mounted me. She fucked her ass wildly and I was completely out. "Now fuck me pretty from behind," she ordered. So I stabbed her there and pushed him wildly. The neighbor suddenly began to shake and moan loudly. She started chasing her clitoris and sighed loudly to orgasm. "I want to make myself among your boobs," I said. The neighbor lay on her back. I thrust my cock between her tits and pounded it wildly. It started coming at me. I moaned and squirted loudly like never before.

Since then, my neighbor and I have done this several times a day. I learned a lot from her and I thank her very much for that. Believe it or not, this story is true.