Penelope Friend Visiting

Our friend Penelope was supposed to come to us tonight. And she also could sleep by us. My wife, Jane, wasn't thrilled at all, because she knew Penelope wouldn't stay with one glass of wine. The children were with grandmother and we have been looking forward to a little rest from them for a long time. I was especially looking forward to it. Jane and I haven't had sex in a long time. Maybe a month.

Penelope was a very pretty woman, and I always liked her a lot. And I knew very well that under the influence of wine, speech often turns to sex and it really pisses me off. She has no boyfriend now, so it can be assumed that she will degenerate into a sexual orgy. And I'm really horny today. I want it. I imagine fucking my wife and Penelope is sleeping next to the room. She will hear everything and she will masturbate maybe.

I couldn't get the idea out of my head. The evening was fast approaching. Jane made a treat and in the meantime she beautified herself in the bathroom. At six in the evening, Penelope finally arrived to visit. Everything was beautifully prepared. Canapes, wine. Girls were beautifully dressed, fragrant and sexy. The fun flowed and the three of us had a good time. I stroked Jane's thigh and looked forward to fucking with her in bed. It suited her very well.

But I couldn't take my eyes off Penelope's beautifully painted legs. She had her leg over her leg, and her black dress revealed her thighs. It was a sight for the gods. Penelope noticed, and when Jane went to open another bottle of wine, she said: "Do you like my painted legs? Has Jane ever done that with your feet?" I couldn't stutter a sound. "Not yet," I replied.

When Jane returned to the living room, Penelope immediately asked her: "How come you never kicked your husband's cock before?" Jane blushed and asked me: "Would you like that?" It was impossible to twist it, so I had to answer: "Yes, I'm quite into it. I love your legs." As Penelope smirked, Jane began to take off her stockings. I sat cut and waiting for what would happen.

Jane showed me how to paint her black nails and began to tease her leg in my crotch. My dick hardened and I started stroking her sexy leg. I wouldn't even dream of that. Penelope leaned over and opened the lid. Jane sat down at the table in front of me and ordered me: "Take off your pants. And you, Penelope, close your eyes and don't look." Jane started chasing my dick with her feet. She massaged it slowly and then said: "Hold on a second, I'll get an oil. It'll slide better."

Penelope opened her eyes and she began to tease my cock with her feet. When Jane saw her, she placed the oil on the table, opened the drawer, and pulled out a small toiletry bag with her toys. "Penelope, let him, you understand? You'll just watch and you can do it yourself with this dildo, you horny bitch. Do you understand? Undress! Do it!" Penelope shyly took off her dress and Jane handed her a glass dildo.

Then Jane smeared my dick with oil, sat down on the table, and began to feel good with my feet. She rolled up her dress herself and, despite her thin panties, stroked her pussy. Penelope rode a glass dildo on the inside of her thighs. She was watching us. Jane undressed completely, knelt down and started smoking and chasing me. She looked at Penelope and told her: " Put that dildo in your horny cunt. You can fuck yourself and perhaps your appetite on my husband will pass."

Penelope obeyed. She was horny and her cunt was wet. She began to do it with a glass dildo and sighed. Jane stuck my cock in her hungry hole, leaned against the table, and said: "Fuck your wife. Yes, aah, yes. That's great. Fuck me. Do it." She rode on my stick like she was meaningless. Penelope fucked with a glass toy and sighed louder and louder. I couldn't stand it and started squirting into Jane in the moment she also enjoyed orgasm.

Jane ordered: "Penelope, lie down." Jane stepped over her face and let my semen run into her mouth. "Taste the juice, you bitch." She took her dildo and began to fuck Penelope hard with a glass assistant. She writhed in pleasure on the floor and rolled her eyes. Jane took her dildo from her cunt and told her: "Show me your nice ass. Will it be?" Penelope obeyed again. Jane pulled an anal piece from her toiletry bag and stabbed Penelope in the ass. She just rumbled and enjoyed it.

Jane removed the belt from my pants and slapped Penelope over the ass. She rubbed her whole hand with oil and slowly inserted it into her friend's cunt. My cock was up again and I was fucking my wife from behind while she flinched her horny friend Penelope. As she quickly pulled her hand out of her cunt, Penelope began to squirt and scream with pleasure. She was shaking. Jane pulled my cock out of her pussy and ordered: "Stand over her."

I agreed and she chased my dick over Penelope's ass. "Spray your sperm on that bitch." Massive splashes fell on her ass. I was like in a dream. Jane rubbed my semen on Penelope's ass, stretching her halves and slowly spinning the anal jewel in her anus. She stroked Penelope's naked body. She breathed happily, then said quietly: "I would never say that to you, Jane. I've never experienced that before." "No? Really? So get in the shower. My husband and I will be waiting for you in our bed. You'll experience something else!" It was the most amazing experience.