Have you ever wondered that you may be exposed to different risks in the future when you sign up for dating services? The danger of dating is mainly the leak of your password, theft of sensitive data and intimate photos. Annoying harassment and blackmail follows.

Although most internet services boast of security and privacy, the opposite is true. Security of services, in this case dating, is insufficient and no one worries about privacy. Your private information and data are being marketed for marketing purposes.

Password leakage is a big issue for every account holder. By hacking into your profile, your identity may change, your credit card information may be stolen, or your intimate photos may be stolen, which is really annoying.

A hacker or a thief can handle the materials in a variety of ways. As a rule, it sells them to third parties who use valuable information for marketing purposes. This way, your mailbox will be flooded only with a lot of spam. In the worst case, you will be the victim of blackmail, where the hacker will demand a sum of money for not publishing your intimate photos.

If you are blackmailed in this way, report it to the police as soon as possible or, for children, to the safety line. Never pay extortionists. Once digital photos are stored on the Internet and stolen by someone, there is no way back. If you want to put some delicate photos on the internet, think about it. You might regret it in the future. Be aware that there is no privacy on the internet and that whatever you post on the internet will remain on the internet forever.