School Trip

Probably everyone has experienced a school trip to primary school, where they still drink inexperiencedly, and even more inexperienced they climb behind girls, play a bottle for kisses or something like that. I took these trips as the pinnacle of folly. A trip in high school still overcame it. As sophomores, we went with our thirds on a several-day trip to the mountains. And because I'm studying technical, only six girls went with forty boys. The disparity was insane.

On the very first day, we came to the chalet quite bored and exhausted. The girls were accommodated in two rooms. Four girls lived in one room and two girls in the other room. We boys lived in rooms of four. Everyone immediately went to the pub to really put out the 25 km walk in the sun. I preferred to take a shower by storm. Along the way, I met two single third-graders with the same intention. I exchanged a few words. We've known each other since being seen from school, but we never talked much. Even now, nothing happened. I just managed to negotiate a few patches on my ruined legs.

The shower was really refreshing. Right after that, I hurried to the girls for the promised patches. There was loud music in their room, so my knocking on the door was probably unheard of. I climbed into the room and caught both thirds in their underwear. Lucy was a little startled and covered with a towel. Jane was completely calm. She invited me on and said dryly just to close the door. She quite surprised me.

Both Lucy and Jane were nearly nineteen-year-old blondes with smaller breasts. They both got dressed. One in a dress and the other in a sports tank top and shorts. I sat on the bed and we just talked together. I found that we understood each other well. We talked about everything, starting with politics and ending with sex. They both confided to me that they had their pets, and I didn't hide the fact that a girl was waiting for me at home. During this conversation, I noticed Jane rolling over on the bed in a dress and seeing her panties. I couldn't take my eyes off, and Lucy noticed.

We started looking at each other and Jane's gaze told me to come closer. I approached slowly and ran my hand lightly over her thighs. She didn't hesitate and half-opened her legs. My kisses on the inside of her thighs went higher and higher. When I touched the edge of Jane's panties with my tongue, she flinched for a moment. She took Lucy's hand and pulled her closer to us. She looked at her reproachfully. Meanwhile, Jane and I indulged in a deep kiss, her hand pointing straight under my pants.

Since I didn't have underwear, it really rattled in me. It could be seen that she have experience with boys. She quickly freed my dick from my pants and began rubbing and chasing it lightly. I didn't hesitate, and in a position that remotely resembled "69" I began to lick her blonde hole. At first glance, I watched Lucy rub her tits and look at us. A little licking and a few fingers and Jane's pussy was wet and full of beautifully scented juice. Jane didn't mess with my cock and sucked him as hard as she could. When she reached orgasm, she tried it on me until I groaned.

Lucy was already naked, expertly working on her near-shaved hole. I just rolled over to help her. She didn't fight back, so my three fingers quickly disappeared inside her. It wasn't long before another smelled completely, but the equally delicious juice poured into my face. Two sweet kisses was my reward. It came from Jane to stand up. I did that right away. They both knelt beside me and smoked my dick. It didn't last long, so I fed them both with a nice dose of semen. I collapsed next to them.

As I enjoyed the orgasm, the two began to stroke. I just lay on my back and watched them. It was clear that this was not the first time. My dick was back in full force, which Jane took advantage of. She mounted my dick and rode at me like a life. An even bigger surprise was when Lucy held my hands and I was completely helpless. Jane raged at me like mad. She also shoved my dick in the ass for a moment and lay down. I was starting to have enough, and when her huge orgasm came and her pussy started squeezing me, I exploded too. It was so beautiful that I squirted her whole pussy.

Jane and I just lay side by side, taking a deep breath. A low voice behind me complained that she wanted to too. My dolls spun. Lucy didn't hesitate and took it in my mouth. I confess that she had to try for almost ten minutes before my cock stood up to me. Now I took over the baton. From the talk before that, I knew Lucy had never had it in her ass before. Regardless, I stuffed my dick in the ass and started another intercourse at a brutal pace.

She was much narrower in the pussy than Jane, who was still lying next to us. After a while, Lucy sat on me. This time we both added. It clapped and Lucy could see she was getting enough. We added this for a while longer. Then it was her ass's turn again and the work was done. I mean, with her. I had a feeling that nothing would get me after three orgasms in a row. Jane was on top again and she didn't stab me again. The movements she can do with her ass can't be bothered. After five minutes, I sprayed like wild in her ass.

Then we lay next to each other for about half an hour and talked again. This time about what we tell our pets. The agreement was clear. Nothing actually happened. As a souvenir, we took another photo together in the "sandwich" position and hurray for the showers again. The next day during the hike, every step was painful for me. The balls hurt terribly. The girls weren't much better at it. They walked wide with their legs spread. There must have been a really great look at us.