Semaxin is a nutritional supplement intended for all men who want to strengthen sexual performance and improve erection. This product, popular with men, contains plant extracts (ie astragalus, withania, tribulus, saffron and pepper), as well as amino acids (cysteine), coenzyme Q10, vitamins (B12, E) and minerals (especially magnesium, selenium and zinc). Plant extracts of Astragalus membranaceus and Withania somnifera are especially important. These plants have aphrodisiac effects and promote male fertility.

Semaxin is a product that supports the process of spermatogenesis or sperm production. It increases the amount of sperm in the ejaculate, improves their quality and motility. It significantly supports male fertility, which is very important in today's hectic times. Constant stress, a polluted environment and a fast lifestyle contribute negatively to male fertility. In addition, semaxin stimulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone and thus increases male libido (ie appetite for sex, potency). At the same time, it supports blood circulation in the penis and improves erections.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Semaxin work?

Semaxin is a universal dietary supplement that supports male sexual performance. Stimulates sperm production, strengthens erections and increases libido.

  • Why buy Semaxin?

By purchasing Semaxin you will receive a high-quality food supplement with demonstrable effects.

  • When will the effects of taking Semaxin appear?

The first effects can be seen after a month of regular use of this dietary supplement.

  • Does the product cause any side effects?

The composition of Semaxin is 100% safe and without side effects.

  • Can I order goods abroad?

Yes. We also send orders abroad.

  • In what package is the product delivered?

We send the product in a discreet package.

  • How to take Semaxin?

The recommended dose is 2 capsules a day between meals. The capsules should be taken with lukewarm water.

  • What if the product does not meet my expectations?

If you are not satisfied with the effects of the product, you can claim a 90day money back guarantee.

Customer feedback:

Steve (28 yo): I failed in bed several times. There was no talk with me. It's not like anything, but I was very frustrated. I was afraid it would happen again, so I avoided situations that could lead to it. Everything changed when I reached for Semaxin. I recommend it to everyone!

Patrik (39 yo): Semaxin are great pills that I recommend if you want to have better sex. It's very simple. You swallow the pill and you don't have to worry about being prepared. You make love to your partner and her orgasms are amazing!

Sam (42 yo): Sex has never been the same as it was after Semaxin. The change is great for me and my wife. A real bomb! I have never used such a product, but I recommend it to everyone.