Shock In The Gym

It happened one afternoon, more in the evening. Mike worked out in the gym and thought he was alone there. He put some series on his legs, abdomen and back, then a few push-ups and a ride on an exercise bike. All he had left was a benchpress. He hadn't lifted the dumbbells for some time due to injury, so he wanted to see how he was doing with his form. He spread a towel on the bench, checked the load on the barbell, lay down on a paved bed, gripped it tightly, and took the first series of lifts. He felt he certainly wouldn't do it as many times as he had half a year ago, but he gritted his teeth and, after a short exhalation, continued.

Suddenly he saw a woman standing to his left, smiling at him. Not wanting to be disturbed, he just blurted out: "Wait" and continued to lift the barbell. But suddenly the woman started stroking his dick over his shorts! Shocked, he placed the barbell in the rack in shock and asked breathlessly what it was supposed to be. The woman said he would definitely like it, just don't pay much attention to her. Mike tried not to notice, but his stick reacted quite the opposite, because he stood in full beauty.

Apparently she was excited, because she asked him if she could look at his dick, that she would pay for it. Mike shrugged. Money is always good, and if she just looks, it's fine. The woman made sure that no one was in the gym. She pulled his shorts halfway down his thighs and then sighed admiringly. Then she asked if she could touch. Mike agreed. The woman wrapped her warm hand around his stick and played with it a little. She chased him.

Mike just closed his eyes for a moment. The woman took advantage of this and stood over the bench and rolled up her skirt. She had nothing under her, so she approached Mike's standing cock with her cunt. She landed quite sharply for the last few inches, and Mike's dick was in her longed-for pussy up to the ball. He filled her wet hole perfectly with his cock. She took advantage of this and immediately started riding it and riding in all sorts of ways. Mike recovered quickly and shouted in surprise. He tried to drop her.

But the woman was probably a bodybuilder, because she clenched her legs, pushed him against the bench, and quickly pushed him. Mike felt the radiant heat of her crotch and heard the clapping and clapping of her halves on her own thighs. It seemed completely unreal to him. But then he finally took his mind in his hand and jerked his hands violently. He used his strength to knock the horny woman out of him. His dick clapped out of her lap, all hot, shiny and wet.

But the woman looked like a fury and slapped Mike so much that he hit the barbells with his jaw on an iron structure. She shouted at him: "No, boy, the lady doesn't refuse!" Mike was quite intoxicated after the painful wound, because by the time he recovered, she had been impaled on it a second time. She had his stick stuck in her pussy to the full root. She paced her pan so wildly at him that he was afraid he would crush his balls. Her eyes flashed, warning Mike of any further defense attempt. Meanwhile, the woman hissed quite loudly and writhed on his body. At the same time, she pressed the tits hard with her own hands, on which her nipples loomed like champagne plugs under her sports tank top.

Mike was disgusted and scared at the same time. It was interesting, however, that his erection did not allow him for a moment. He was quite afraid of the woman. She made a frightening grimace at the frantic fucking. Mike tried his best to imagine someone more beautiful, but somehow it didn't work out. The woman then made herself and soaked the entire lower abdomen with her cunt juice. She would certainly last a few more rounds, but it was already starting to twitch Mike's stick.

He bit his lips, and of course she asked him if he would like to spray his cum right into her cunt. So Mike listened in surrender and squirted her wet hole. The woman then looked triumphant when she came down from his dick again and straightened her skirt. Mike stayed shaken on the benchpress bench and didn't know what to do. In the end, he didn't tell anyone, but he quickly arranged a season ticket for a completely different gym.