Sleepy Little Town

It's very hot outside. This sleepy town is a terrible hole. They are all locked up at home or in a pub. I hope that gossip that will not escape anything. I'm heading to the danger zone at the end of this boring town, where every woman is a suspect.

There's a guy living there, a terrible whore, but otherwise a really nice guy, single at the time. We saw you at the pub yesterday. He kept buzzing at me and inviting me over for coffee. I was in the mood and maybe she promised him something. I thought about him at night and my pussy didn't stay dry as I played with it.

I'm still hesitant in the morning, I'm still married. I'm off, my husband is at work. I lie naked in bed, caressing my chest and my legs a little. I'm getting excited, so I'm probably going on an adventure. I take a shower, put on a light summer dress in which I feel good. Of course without a bra, fragrant and ready for everything. The sun strengthens my desire and I am subject to it. To hell with reason. We only live once, so I call him.


I've known this guy for a long time from a pub, where we sometimes go with a girlfriend. He was immediately intrigued me. It was mutual. I was flattered that he preferred me to compete with younger cats. There was a closer contact at the dancer last week.

My husband didn't care, so I had a free hand. We danced together and were in a bit of a mood, so we lost barriers. It looked like we were going to share it on the floor. His hands were everywhere, he pressed against me and I could feel his excitement between my legs. My panties were completely wet. I couldn't resist reaching between his legs, where his erect dick pressed against me and stroked him. It was clear.

Everyone was already in the mood, so I let myself be dragged a bit by the pub. It went fast, he unbuttoned my shirt and stroked my chest. I was excited without myself and I didn't care. I quickly unzipped his belt and zipper at his pants with a shaking hand. His tail slipped into my hand. He rolled up my skirt and did it me quite brutally with his hand. I chased his dick.

I had a terrible desire to smoke it, but I probably wouldn't explain my dirty knees to my husband at home. It was crazy. I had a quick orgasm and I had to stuff my mouth so I wouldn't scream. He had already turned me around and wanted to stuff him in the back. But someone showed up, and we had to end it before he could do it.

During the next dance, he whispered unhindered into my ear as he would do to me. He ran his hand under my panties and touched my ass. He pulled my hand to his crotch to stroke his excited cock. I was a little nervous not we to overdo it. The husband was quite close, although he cared for other cats. Last waltz, quick kiss and home.


And now I'm ringing the doorbell of his lair. She's waiting for me. Confident smiling. I'm more submissive, so it impresses me. The hug and kiss is a little longer, but still in all decency. I go to the house in front of him a little nervous, but ready for what will be and what I long for openly. There's a young boy here who wants to fight me. Which of the married ladies would resist? I'm just thinking about one thing.

I like to flirt, but this is a slightly different level. I had already left the exercise and my nervousness did not escape him. The cigarette was a deliverance. He offered me coffee and I would make it. I stood at the kitchen counter, feeling her longingly watch my every move. I know guys are interested in my slim, long and tanned legs, so I'm showing off a bit.

You stood up for me. He started stroking my shoulders and kissed me lightly on the neck. His big hands went down and I could feel them on my tits. I'm trembling with excitement. I feel his dick clench and press against me. I expected him to seduce and undress me slowly and tenderly, but he did it harshly. He sat down in a large chair like a pasha and told me to take off my clothes.

Suddenly I lost my insecurity and shyness. I started undressing like a striptease. I felt completely relaxed and rippled naturally and untiedly. I slowly slipped out of my dress, stroked my bare breasts, and ran my hand under my panties. I started stroking and teasing my wet pussy. He stroked his cock over his pants. You could see how excited he was.

I stood in front of him and I was still rippling. He started stroking my breasts, kissing my belly and pussy. I'm kneeling on it. He massaged my breasts. My nipples are standing and he is biting painfully. I sigh with excitement and take off his shirt. I kneel in front of him and take off his shorts. I stroke and lick the cock over his shorts, but then I quickly pull it down. His cock is big and hard. I slowly chase him and pull his foreskin. Then I can't resist and start licking his acorn, and gradually the whole cock from the root.

I want to smoke his dick. Snakes have free jaws. I need that now so I can shove it all in my mouth and throat. My eyes pop out of their sockets. When I finally sucked him in, he sighed and shouted that he wanted to fuck me. He's terribly horny. I feel like he wants to spray. I take it out of my mouth to breathe and lick the ball from under it. I want he chase his dick. It excites me so much. He orders me to sit on his hard dick.

I sat on his hard peg. He was gentle and considerate. He didn't push. He let me slip it into my pussy myself. Slowly I put it on a slice and drove slowly. Then deeper, which hurt, but the pleasure overcame it. I haven't had such a dick in a long time, so I really enjoyed it. Young brutal male. I was in seventh heaven. I screamed in countless pleasures and raced at him with full force until I hit his balls. I teased my clitoris myself and he crushed my breasts with his paws.

Then he sat me in a chair and knelt in front of me. I was excited to see him licking my pussy, slowly inserting his long cock into me and looking at my breasts, which I was stroking. I want him done to me. Here it comes. We both have an orgasm at the same time and we scream. He pulls his dick out of my cunt, chases it and I wait for the eruption with my mouth open. It's unreal. Sperm is everywhere. On tits, in the mouth, in the hair.

We lie on the bed next to each other and rest. The passion subsided. I have thoughts in my head, what's next? A little remorse. Then we talk a little. I have to go get some water. I'm thirsty and I need to rinse my mouth with semen. I lie down on the bed next to him. He is lying on his stomach, his cock peeking between his legs. I stroke him, and the excitement returns. I pull up a dick that hardens slowly and I take it in my mouth. He mumbles that it's very handsome and he's as hard as a rock again. He kneels. I lick his ass, balls and chase his dick. He turns. Mutual oral. I can feel the juice flowing from me. He tells me to lie on my stomach. He spreads my legs, licks my pussy and ass.

He whispers to me if I've done it with two guys before. Next week his friend will come. He tells me how we're going to do it. It's a perversion, but it excites me. Why not try it? He stretches my legs and his big dick slowly penetrates my wet pussy again and then into my ass. I don't do it very often. Anal sex causes me pain, but also crazy pleasure. I scream I want it. Another strong orgasm is coming. He's done to me and I can feel our juices of pleasure flowing from me.

I'm going home a little wide. Done but still dazed with pleasure. I missed a call from my husband and he's calling me again. I'm gathering all my strength. I pick it up and try to sound normal. He asks what I'm doing. I answer that I'm on a walk and that it's nice here. A reasonable compromise. I'm not lying, but I'm a nice slut.

I'm already thinking about next weekend. On my lover and his friend what they will do with me. I haven't done a threesome yet, but I'm excited. I don't know how I can do this in bed with my husband this week. It will be difficult. I don't want to pretend to orgasm after this ride today. I'll try to avoid it. Female tricks.