Vacation With Boys

Before I start, I'd like to write that I'm bisexual. And I have a family. That's probably why I'm looking for sex with a man. I'm just attracted to this idea. I've never had real sex, it's always been so fast. But last summer it was a mess. I was alone on vacation and something happened there that I had no idea could happen. But preferably from the beginning.

As soon as we took the bus on vacation, my eyes met a bunch of boys who were going to the same place as me. I didn't know anything about them, so I didn't pay any attention to it. At the first rest stop, however, we had a great chat and agreed that we could organize two challenging bike rides together. During the interview, I found out that these are two pairs of boys who like boys. I have no problem with that and I probably know how they feels.

When our bus arrived at the place, we found out that we lived in the same apartment. There were three rooms with a shared kitchen and shower. Looking at the two boys, I had a beautiful shiver of my body and I wanted to see them in all their beauty. The night passed in peace, only a gentle sigh from the next room. In the morning we went on the first bike ride together and found out that we were in the same strength, so it was agreed on the next days.

The day passed and nothing happened again. Maybe it's just that I finally saw the boys naked and my curiosity escalated. In the morning after breakfast we went to the field and it was very beautiful. Along the way, we talked about everything, and finally came the talk of sex. They asked me if I didn't mind running naked in the apartment and I said no. Before I continued, it seemed to me that I was also attracted to men and sometimes I fell in love with one. After a while we stopped and sat down to rest.

I found that I also liked them, so we talked about it further. After a while, I felt that my dick stood up in my cycling pants and there was nothing to hide it. But I was not alone. Before I could continue, I had my pants down and one boy started smoking me nicely. I did not know what to do. It was terribly beautiful, so I returned it to him. Well, in the meantime, the other boys started the same activity, so there were five guys enjoying sex. After this active rest, we got on our bikes and drove on.

I will never forget that evening. We had a nice party and for the first time I experienced what I wanted to experience for a long time. Real sex with everything. We agreed that I would like to enjoy myself beautifully, and so it happened. All the boys took turns on me that night. It was very beautiful, so it was repeated every day until our departure. Except that someone else held it every day.

The week passed like water and it was time to return home from vacation. We haven't seen the boys in a few months, but we're still in touch. We agreed that this year we will go on vacation to the same place as we were last year. I already have a permanent friend for sex, so our group will grow by one person. Six boys. I'm really looking forward to seeing the boys with my own eyes again and we'll have a nice time. I miss my flights a lot, even though they only lasted a week. Guys, I know you're going to read this, so this is my thank you for that great week.