Wife´s Secret Dream Come True

My wife and I have been ours for 7 years and every year we go on holiday to the sea. Her big dream is sex with a black man. I know because we talked about it several times before the wedding. She only mentioned it after the wedding if she had a lot to drink and I interviewed her. This year we flew on vacation to Morocco.

Immediately upon arrival, I noticed a black guy looking lustfully at my wife. It immediately occurred to me to fulfill her dream. I was always attracted by the idea that someone else would fuck her and I would just watch or just listen somewhere. In the evening my wife Kate went to bed and I went to the bar to have a drink before bed. What was my surprise when I met the black man there and even bigger that he could speak English. We started talking and I found out that he went to England to study a few years ago, but he didn't finish school.

In the end, there were five of them from one drink. I was in the mood enough to tell the black man about my wife's secret wish. He was quite interested and that he would like to help. I knew my Kate, and I knew that alcohol released her inhibitions. So I agreed with him that we would meet tomorrow night and try to defeat my wife somehow. Before I left, I handed him the whole pack of condoms. Kate doesn't take birth control pills, and I hardly knew the guy.

Of course, I didn't say anything to Kate. The very next day after dinner, I started ordering my wife all sorts of exotic cocktails full of alcohol. Then I saw the black man coming to the bar. He sat down at the bar and watched us. Kate was already pretty drunk and I decided to go into action. I said I was going to the toilet, making so room for him. As I walked past him, I glanced at the sign that he should try to pack her.

Of course, I didn't go to the toilet. I watched furtively as it happened at the table. We agreed to give him fifteen to twenty minutes. After only five minutes, Kate laughed at his jokes, and after ten she got up and went with him. She placed another ticket on the table. As soon as they left, I went to the table. The ticket said: "I'm not well. I went for fresh air. I'll be back in a minute."

It was clear to me that they went to his room together. According to our agreement, he should have left the door ajar. I walked quietly inside. I already heard my wife's laugh there. I peeked and saw a black man without pants. He showed her his dick and she just laughed like a teenager. She stared at him for a moment, then she touched him. She played with his dick for a moment as if it was porcelain. His cock began to harden and she stopped being afraid.

She grabbed him hard and started pumping. He obviously liked it based on the growth rate of his hose. It was really huge. Kate couldn't resist trying to open her mouth. However, its size allowed it to hold barely half. But that didn't deter her, and she began to rush her head rhythmically. He stretched with delight in his back and sighed loudly. Then he put her head away, kissed her, and knelt on the ground.

He quickly took off her jeans and panties. Kate wasn't late and took off her shirt and panties, so he can see her small tits and a beautifully shaved line upper her pussy. He immediately buried his head between her thighs and began to lick her with his tongue. Under the onslaught of his tongue, Kate began to moan and spread her legs as best she could. He took advantage of this and began stabbing her one finger after another. She must have been very wet. In a moment she had four fingers in her pussy.

After a moment of fingering and licking her pussy, my wife had orgasm. This was easy to recognize. She grabbed the black man head and held it in her lap so he couldn't stop for a moment. Then her arms and legs relaxed in a rush of pleasure, and he was finally able to raise his head. When he saw her horny, he pulled a condom from pocket and unwrapped it. She expertly took the condom from him and began to place it on his black log. He barely had it halfway there.

Then he directed himself between her thighs and aimed his acorn at the flowing cunt. The acorn began to cut its way slowly between her labia. She was breathing hard and was ready to hold something so big. He was very careful, pushing only on his acorns. Whenever she got used to it, he drove deeper. It took him a long time to get into it, but in the end he was in it. He stayed that way for a while and they both enjoyed the feeling.

Then the black man began to slowly raise and lower his ass again. The pace was really slow. But the size of his dick made her cry for pleasure and amazement. The black man got a taste for another position and turned her with his big hands so that she ended up on all fours with a bulging ass. They were sideways to me and I had a beautiful view of his dick, which he immediately began pounding into her cunt from behind.

He wasn't so careful now. He fucked her pretty hard. She no longer sighed, but screamed directly with each surge. He had to grind her uterus with her acorn like never before. The position from behind was probably his favorite, because it was clear that his peak was approaching. The thrusts were slower and longer. And just then I noticed that the condom is rolled up to its root. Probably burst at rapid impact. Instead of alerting him, I froze and watched his orgasm approach.

It didn't take long, and he began to shout like the woods with each thrust. Then I just saw the massive twitching of his cock inside my wife and the tightening of his ass with each blowjob up to the uterus in her vagina. As he finished, he drove into her for the last time to the root and stayed in it. It was so large that its semen had not yet been able to penetrate. They both lay on top of each other, exhaling their sex-seized bodies.

Then the black man took a dick out of her cunt and the semen began to flow out. As soon as Kate saw his expression, she understood and reached between her legs. Then she saw his semen on her fingers. She immediately ran to the shower and he followed her. I heard them showering and talking together. There wasn't much understanding, so I went across the room to the bathroom. I peeked and saw a black man comforting my crying wife.

After a moment, she stopped, trying to remove the cracked condom from his black cock with her hand. As soon as she touched him, his torpedo began to harden again. Kate dropped the rubber on the ground and began chasing his cock. He just sat on the edge of the tub, waiting to see what would happen. She turned her ass toward him and directed his acorn to the wet pussy. She landed on him and with one throw she had him inside her again to the root.

Then she began to jump as she was deprived of her senses. He was just straining under her furious blows. Then he shouted: "I will be!" and my wife, instead of jumping off him, pushed until she screamed in pain, and the black man soaked her again with his semen. She got a big orgasm from that feeling, until the black man had to hold her to keep from falling to the ground. Then they took a shower together again, and he fucked her once more. Directly in the shower standing from behind. He squirted right into her cunt again.

Then I hurried to the bar, sat down at the table, and waited for Kate. My wife came to me in a few minutes. She apologized for not feeling well and for falling asleep outside on a bench outside. "Yeah, sure. Tell your mother, but not me. Why are you making me an idiot? All you had to do was put on my antlers with that nigger. I saw you. You're a normal bitch. When we get home, I'll file for divorce. Count on it." I shouted at her.

While my wife stared at me like a grate cunt, I got up and went to my room. That's where I started packing my things. She ran ten minutes after me. "Wait. Don't be silly. I'll explain it to you," she said unhappily. "What do you want to explain to me? Did you have a black tail in your cunt? I'm not stupid. If you want, be here with the black man and fuck him. But without me!" I said quite calmly. When my wife realized that I meant it, she cried.

"Well, I won't be here with you. Have fun, you got paid. I leave most of your money here and here's your passport. Enjoy it!" I told her and, with a suitcase in my hand, went out into the hallway and walked to the front desk. "Wait. Don't be silly. Wait." I heard her call from a distance. I went through the reception and told our animator that I had to go home, but my wife stayed. Then I got in a taxi in front of the hotel and said: "Airport, please." We just drove off, I saw my wife running out in front of the hotel, waving both hands.

I paid for a ticket to London with my card and flew home at 22:30. Kate stayed in Morocco. I don't know if she wanted to upset me even more or because of the black man. When she returned home, I had already filed for divorce and I already had my lawyer. We were divorced in two months. As a reason, I cited my wife's infidelity with a black man on vacation in Morocco.

A month after the holidays, Kate told me she was pregnant. I personally know that I haven't sprayed her once before, so the baby will probably be the black man. However, I have to wait until the birth to see what happens next.